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GUILIN and YANGSHOU, China: Right up in your face and diss you.

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Guangxi Province, which is home to the cities of Guilin and Yangshou, is the beauty queen province of China. The place is ridiculously gorgeous. Full of farmers, tourists (hippies from all corners of the planet love to visit and stink the joint up) and sex trade workers, Guangxi Province is unique to China. The people are very chill, the tourists aren't very fat and the elevators in 4 star hotels offer 'Lady of the Night' services.
Guangxi Province, you had me at hello.

Straight up

Mao loved his in the 750ml bottle. Get it right, people.

Yangshou is full of cheesy clubs that refuse to believe such hits as Willenium and Jenny From The Block were stolen from the Beatnuts. I'll never go back.

Traffic jam caused by strawberries. No joke.

The bridge in the background is like 800 years old.

Dude could play a mean rendition of Hot For Teacher.

Quick Tip: Rub these all over your face for an even complexion.


Yangshou is also a popular draw for lesbians?

I was going to follow it up with a ******** joke, but....naaaah.

Yeah. There are A LOT of cows in Guangxi Province.

A very friendly lady who invited me in to her house.

Ol' Man Chueng sez: ''Get out of my front yard!''

Tourists don't stand a chance

Serenity now


Thanks for staying until the end.
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