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GUIYANG | Huaguoyuan - Twin Towers Guiyang | 335m x 2 | 1099ft x 2 | 74 fl x 2 | Com

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These should be taller than the petronas towers,than it is a new record
when will they put down those green nets and beginn cladding?
Current fast is the rising..? One floor per 2-3 days?
I'm thinking he means the concrete structures on the right, but we can't be sure until he tells us what he means.
I mean if they already begann with the glass claddings,cause the blue quare things look like windows
Possibly the first 400m+ in western china...


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omg look how many buildings are U/C right now :eek:mg::eek:mg::eek:mg:

Welcome to china
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That's one ugly neighbourhood that these World Trade Centre Wannabes are being build in.

Why ugly?
Nice to see guizhou booming. But I don't like the copies of werstern buildings
1 - 14 of 650 Posts