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GUIYANG | Huaguoyuan - Twin Towers Guiyang | 335m x 2 | 1099ft x 2 | 74 fl x 2 | Com

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These buildings are going to look great,, especially in an area with so many bldgs about the same height.. Why is that by the way?? Seems like every building in this city is roughly the same height...
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Where did this Forum guy^^ come from? Actually I should say where has he been? This Guy's photos kick ass, not just this thread, but most.
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Quite a bit of progress, in the last 2 months. Just would love to see these damn near as tall as the original twins.
18 July by siamatt
^^the last time I checked this forum, the tower's were about 20 meter's tall, that was 6-7 month's ago..
Yeah,, "thatoneguy" ONLY IN CHINA.....
Pg 10,, look at the progress in this short span of time...
Sorry kanye to reuse your picture.
Speed isn't that fast
^^Are You sure? Looks quite impressive . I may be wrong, Is this slower than 432PA, twice as wide, and 2 of them?

I may be totally wrong but the height here in 6-7 months for,, 2 bldgs., each the size of 2wide 432PA's? (not as tall of course.)
I might be very wrong , but the naked eye look's that way. If I'm way off don't Kill me guys.
Don't worry we won't kill you
^^Thank You,. Kidding Of Course.
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^^Wow,, quite impressive, cladding looks good/great,, just so impressive how China, think's it, draw's it, and there it is 2 years later. (well, very Impressive!)
^^ Look at that progress^^^ once again 0 coverage,, but it's rising incredibly quick.. I remember some 15or so month's ago it rising a few stories from a muddy hole... Now it's soaring,
but only 3 post's in a month?
Thank's, kanye for keeping the rest of the World updated.. I thank you
MY,, there's a hell of a lot construction going on,, and the other bldgs.,, are they residential? Oscillations post shows a lot of bldgs. that are 30 floors and higher
I can't believe how China raises these bldgs., quickly, this is moving quick, makes me wonder why they didn't try to surpass the old twins,, clearly they can.. Itlooks like it's over 50 floors,, just so impressive.
^^^ nice pics guys.
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