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GUIYANG | Huaguoyuan - Twin Towers Guiyang | 335m x 2 | 1099ft x 2 | 74 fl x 2 | Com

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construction doesn't feel too fast right now, but it is really hard to see since the floor layout is hidden behind the green so changes are hard to see. i hope next year this will really shoot up finally.
too bad it is covered, it certainly does look interesting with the diagonal concrete bars
roof height is at about 320m
:eek:Is this the same Asian architect who made the WTC Twin Towers in NYC because I see a lot of resemblance, like the same shape and the tridents etc..:shocked:
yes, china world trade center does also have a similar trident podium. i realized it when i was in beijing and it surprised me and made me really happy that they were inspirated by the twin towers. :cheers:
yesterday by wlit on gaoloumi:

yesterday by 星宿 on gaoloumi:

2 lines is the level of progress Chengdu, one of the biggest cities in china currently has, so that would be great and achievable for guiyang to develop in a few years, good plans, i love metro systems :cheers:
it's one big construction site, we don't know how this all will turn out.
i like dark cladding. the edges also seem a bit rounded, which is also different from the renders
I think he means first picture in post #345. I love it
i know that you are not supposed to feed the trolls, but in case this was a genuine question, the case of this city is as follows.

a huge mountain divides the city and on either side is basically a developed city part. both areas have iconic buildings as well. The current trend seems to try to connect the two parts from the east of the mountain. that side also featured the bigger part of the city and the more sustainable skyline. these projects where you see basically cranes on cranes and nothing else, no people etc. is the area closest to the mountain. basically the two city parts grow together. This area has no infrastructure yet, because before it was just mountain with no development besides being basically in the middle of the city. (just difficult terrain to operate on) you see no people for two reasons: the apartments these people would live in are not finished yet and the instrastructure like buses do probably not yet operate in the area, because the workers have their own transportation there.

the metroline of guiyang is supposed to open on 2017, i do not know if this area has any stations, but that would also be around the time many projects there are about finished and the whole area should be more interwines in the infrastructure. A big road connects the two city parts thru this area anyways though, so at least BRT stops seem like a really nice solution IMO.

I witnessed similar areas in china myself, basically walked 5km with no available bus into a district totally devote of people, because the whole area is a construction site.
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三桥站 is the closest, but still far away or even 火车站 doesn't seem much further away...
i think there will be a BRT station though. if you draw lines from sanqiao station south and from the main railway station west, the meeting point is where is is located btw
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What! How can this place not have a metro stop... any planned lines through the area? I'm assuming they would've already built the metro stop if there was one...
The city doesn't have a metro yet. Will open 2017 with two lines. many more lines planned in future.
all the under ground floors are currently above ground. this is crazy, this all has to be filled back in
i remember there being rumors about the spire being cut, was it just that: 'rumors'?
only in that area.
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there the underground stuff is all still flying mid-air ;)
Yes, just the spire is missing.
there were rumors about the spire being dropped. so this will also be very interesting in the next few weeks. the weeks of the spires with ping an being in the same situation :D
No heartbreaking for me either, the spires are not integral to the design at all. Would still prefer them over nothing. Kind of makes it different from the other boxy designs we have around China rising.
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