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GUIYANG | Huaguoyuan - Twin Towers Guiyang | 335m x 2 | 1099ft x 2 | 74 fl x 2 | Com

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What a shabby mess it used to be, like living in a junk yard. Amazing how things can change.
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If he means 'ugly' as in no neighbourhood whatsoever because it's a massive hole in the ground, then yeah.
It will look more like the WTC with the cutaway edges.
I didn't even notice that waterfall, great detail!
Suburban sprawl is worse in my opinion. At least here everything seems to be together.
Cladding is taking forever to start...
There is not official source, but according local thread in gaoloumi, the both antennas are cut and final height is 335 m. Just note.
That would be a shame.
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21 - 28 of 650 Posts