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GUIYANG | Huaguoyuan - Twin Towers Guiyang | 335m x 2 | 1099ft x 2 | 74 fl x 2 | Com

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thought it was common knowledge that these were only 406m to the tip of the spire

Don't forget the crown height. ;)

Still, it's about the design, not the height. These will look good even if they are not that tall.
yeah amazing twin supertalls :cheers:
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by 风之彩0528 or The colors of the wind

by 风之彩0528 or The colors of the wind

Looks like trident columns :banana:
by 榜样的力量SQ or SQ power of example

construction doesn't feel too fast right now, but it is really hard to see since the floor layout is hidden behind the green so changes are hard to see. i hope next year this will really shoot up finally.
Where did this Forum guy^^ come from? Actually I should say where has he been? This Guy's photos kick ass, not just this thread, but most.
This will look so good! The last pictures really make it look like the WTC did in its construction.
141 - 160 of 650 Posts