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Development News-2008.1.1

Paper 40.5 billion won to buy homes hyeonjinebeobil Gumi sandannae

Korea Water Resources Corporation, in the last 10 hyeonjinebeobil Gumi okgyedong national industry supplied only 5 of my paper, co-housing 3273 ㎡ man said to buy 405 billion won.

Hyeonjin Aachtopf bought at this time (just four) is 6.7 million ㎡ scale R & D, knowledge and information industry companies to attract the world's leading electronics industry through intensive cultivation as a base for strong support from Gumi.

Hyeonjinebeobil already in Europe and America are two okgyeseo doryangdong and sales success of the brand image as the undisputed take luxurious apartment.

Specifically, in January this year and bought land adjacent okgyedong 18-3, six blocks from the apartment-sized furniture bunyanghae 1378 bunyangryul 95 percent and its initial big success.

Director hyeonjinebeobil yidongmin "We have sufficient ability as a thorough feasibility analysis to the future development of Europe and America as well as the possibility of continuing to purchase large areas of land out of the plan," he said.

Sales in the first half of this hyeonjinebeobil schedule was delayed due to delay approval mangpo Suwon, gonjiam second, sequentially, until the end of 2000 galsan do such sales to go into business plans. And this is a business and bought land sales in the second half of next year after approval from the sales plans.

[Sources] Gumi hyeonjinebeobil sandannae 40.5 billion won to buy homes paper | Hi-author of a line
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