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Gypsies and Squatters in the Area

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I have a feeling that this could be very contravercial......

Gypsies have been a very problematic issue around the South-West, so this is quite a relevant subject.

Close to home (for me) in Liskeard, gypsies have made themselves home on the land that is soon to become a Tesco and 450 houses.

I want to hear if this is a problem anywhere else.
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People would be find if they did not trash every area they go to , one after another.

And tax payers lifestyle
you know if you did a little research you'd find that those travellers who are on sites do actually pay council tax because they have a post code :)
The problem is that their nomadic lifestyle is not suitable in a Big City. They leave litter and make a mess and not only that but they use roads and all facilities without paying a dime towards taxes etc. Why should we have to pay for their lifestyle?

Maybe they are not all thieves but it comes from somewhere so there's a reason the sterotype is in place and unless I see decent upstanding Gypsies my opinion will remain the same.
so much wrong with both those statements. see my other comment about re: tax. there are plenty of non-gypsy/traveller types who make mess and don't pay tax... generally they're referred to as council estates and the Welsh :lol:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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