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Gypsies and Squatters in the Area

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I have a feeling that this could be very contravercial......

Gypsies have been a very problematic issue around the South-West, so this is quite a relevant subject.

Close to home (for me) in Liskeard, gypsies have made themselves home on the land that is soon to become a Tesco and 450 houses.

I want to hear if this is a problem anywhere else.
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I think Gypsies should be free to live a nomadic lifestyle.
But it's getting much harder for them to do that these days my council built a ditch around a piece of unused land on the side of the road to stop them from pitching there. But they got to be able to stay somewhere. But they do leave alot of litter and are rightly or wrongly accused of being criminals. Alot of people have a perception that a large proportion of Gypsies are criminals and this unsurprisingly leads to alot of discrimination towards the group.
The problem is that their nomadic lifestyle is not suitable in a Big City. They leave litter and make a mess and not only that but they use roads and all facilities without paying a dime towards taxes etc. Why should we have to pay for their lifestyle?

Maybe they are not all thieves but it comes from somewhere so there's a reason the sterotype is in place and unless I see decent upstanding Gypsies my opinion will remain the same.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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