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Domino Tower in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam Will Be Southeast Asia’s Tallest Building
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Josee NgNews

99-storey Domino Tower to be built in Ha Long Bay
From the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai to the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, tall buildings in the world are the symbol of luxury. Not only do they boast awe-inspiring architecture, but are also among the world’s most checked-in places by global visitors who want to capture Instagram-worthy snapshots.
In the near, foreseeable future, Vietnamese citizens will be able to travel to one of the world’s tallest buildings without leaving the country. All you’ll have to do is to book a train ticket to Ha Long in Quang Ninh Province, check in at Domino Tower, ascend to the 99th storey, and enjoy the thrilling views of the surrounding landscape.
Domino Tower will be the tallest building in Southeast Asia
Domino Tower

Image adapted from: Cassia
Developed by Sun Group, Domino Tower, a luxury hotel situated within the Sun Ha Long Ocean Park project, will be built on a 12.5-hectare artificial island linked to the mainland by a bridge.
Built in a spiral shape, the structure will boast 99 stories over a height of 540M when completed, with sweeping views over the gorgeous Ha Long Bay.
Domino Tower

Image adapted from: Cassia

Upon its completion, Domino Tower, which will house numerous service apartments and entertainment facilities, will become the tallest structure in Southeast Asia and the 8th tallest tower in the world.

What sets Domino Tower apart is that its location bears a striking resemblance to the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, which also sits on an artificial island.
Burj Arab Dubai

Image adapted from: Pinterest/Guthotel
Domino Tower is designed by +Cassia, a global architectural design company that’s completed an impressive 360 projects all over the world – some of which include the 215 Somerset building in New York, 118 Downtown in Dubai, and Dream Tower Beirut in Lebanon.
Sun Group – the developer of Vietnam’s most unique projects
sun group cable car ba na hills

Sun World Cable car in Ba Na Hills
Image credit: Sun World Ba Na Hills

Established in 1998, Sun Group is the developer of many famous recreational parks and resorts in Vietnam.
Some of Sun Group’s projects that have won Guinness World Records include Sun World Ba Den Mountain, the Ba Na Hills Cable System in Da Nang, and the Fansipan Cable System in Sapa.
yoko onsen quang hanh

Image adapted from: Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh
It is also the developer of the world’s longest cable car line in Hai Phong, a harbour city in the north of Vietnam, and Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh, Vietnam’s first Japanese-style natural hot springs in Quang Ninh Province.
Domino Tower will be Southeast Asia’s tallest building
Even though it might take some more years to complete Domino Tower, the enthralling feeling and views that you’ll enjoy while standing on level 99 of the structure is totally worth the wait. You’ll be treated to a widespread view of the entire Ha Long Bay, a world UNESCO Heritage home to over 1,600 islands and its stunning surroundings.
Once the tower is completed, you won’t have to travel all the way to other countries’ fancy hotels to feel as if you’re on cloud nine anymore.

whitest boy in the delta
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wow. can see a lot of inspiration from other towers. I like how long it is, reminds me of Anhui Broadcasting & TV Centre in Hefei. This coupled with the height is just crazy though. seems really ambitious though.

Global Citizen
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While that design is certainly unique, I think Halong Bay is the totally wrong spot to put it seeing as it would be easily visible from the national park. It would fit far better in a beach resort such as Nha Trang.

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Domino Ha Long bay sources inspiration from sound, nature, mythology and geometry. A 550m tall superstructure spiraling down to a ring facing the sea and city, with a slenderness of 1:15, the Developer @sungroup_ ambitions here are all about creating a unique iconic destination symbolic of Vietnam’s incredible ascent in Southeast Asia....refined with specialists in the field of super tall structures (Arup / Gensler).

#vietnam #halongbay #nature #iconic #architecture #destinations #electronicmusic #sound #lifestyles #visionary #challenges #inspiration #music #honesty #respect #sustainablearchitecture #unescoworldheritage.

Project Design Architect: xCassia (Jean-Paul Cassia); Associate Design Architect: Gensler Dubai;
Engineering Advisory: ARUP Dubai & Vietnam & Hong Kong. Developer: Sun Group
February 2021 PROJECT STATUS: the project was terminated following the 2020 pandemic. xCassia holds full copyrights over the designs it created.

For more information see archives: xCassia


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This developer is notorious in Vietnam for spoiling natural heritage with modern developments. This project seems to be in line with that reputation. I don’t think it will realise though. They’re more into building theme parks and get the instant bucks than long-terms investments such as this one. They haven’t built a highrise for a decade now.
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