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Amanora Park Town

Located at Hadapsar, the entire town ship is spread over 400 acres and will be a self containing property having schools, college, hospital, restaurants and sports complex within the township. The first offerings of Amanora Park Town will have 10 towers, each between 18-22 stories high; with the first phase of Amanora Park Town will include a choice of 680 apartments of 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 and 4 bedroom luxury apartments.

Many technologically advanced features like shopping for groceries and paying with your thumbprint, monitoring health statistics of the family on your cell phone and monitoring your CCTV protected home & garage from your laptop etc. are going to be provided to the Amanora citizens.

The $ 2 billion township

22-storey residential tower coming up at Amanora Park town.
10 such towers to come up in the initial phase.

A 3 Million sq. ft. mall " Amanora Market City" is planned within the premises. This will have hotel, office spaces, club, multiplex, showrooms, hyper market.

The 30-storey signature tower which wil be 105 metres tall.

Residential towers
Elevated Road - This road will have 22 storyed buildings probably for the first time in Pune. T

Two artificial lakes in the central green area are planned of total area of about 3.5 acres.

45 acres of Central Green

The entrance
The Bowl shaped 80 meters wide entry to the township in special landscape treatment is going to be a unique entry feature.

Township bus


Town centre with 5000 seat amphitheatre
Town centre will have Amanora History Hall, Township Authority office, civic amenities like post office, bank and ATM etc. It will also have exclusive Amanora club with gym, roof top restaurant and family entertainment area.


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This is a huge project worth almost $ 2- billion. Way bigger than the marvelous magarpatta city. A Digital city with its own railway station, mall, high rises, power plant, multiplexes,hypermart, schools, college,s hospital and a 100 -acre sports city..

Coming soon, 22-storey residential complex at Hadapsar.
70 farmers pool land for digitised township that will have its own 100 MW power plant, railway station

Express News Service

Pune, May 11: PUNE’s skyline is all set to change with the first 22-storey residential complex coming up on a 400-acre integrated township in Hadapsar.

The high-rise is under the special township policy brought out by the State government. Real estate developers City Corporation has roped in 70 farmers from Hadapsar who have been co-opted as shareholders in the township called Amanora Park Town. City Corporation is promoted by Aniruddha Deshpande, considered close to NCP leader Sharad Pawar.

“This is Maharashtra’s first high-rise residential project outside Mumbai. Amanora Park Town will have 10 towers, each between 18 storeys to 22 storeys high,” said Deshpande.

The Rs, 9,000 crore township will have its own 100 MW power plant, a railway station and will be a digital city.

The township will totally consist of 16,000 apartments in ten 18 to 22-storey towers designed by the Singapore based architects P & T Consultants Pte Ltd. This includes 680 apartments of two bedroom, two and a half bedroom, three bedroom, three and a half bedroom and four bedroom luxury apartments. These will be ready for occupation in 24 months.

The township, in its second and third phases, will have similar residential towers and a 30-storey commercial complex .

A six-screen multiplex and hyper marts, schools, colleges and hospitals are part of the project.

“We have received clearances from the railway authorities for setting up a railway station and will invest in the infrastructure,” Deshpande said.

He expects the railways station to commence in the next couple of years. Amanora has partnered with Intel Inc., to develop smart cards to bring in features like shopping for groceries and paying with your thumbprint, monitoring health profiles and home protection via a laptop.

Deshpande said the township would have a 999-year renewable lease which would not affect the rights of the township resident who would be able to buy or sell property and have ownership rights or avail of a loan on the property.

He said they were in the process of acquiring an additional 100 acres to set up a sports city.

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Input $ 2 Billion --> output $ 200 Billion @ 10,000 %, approx. :cheers:

All this for 9000 Cr. ( 2 Billion). Nearly 400 towers, I counted.

400/9000 Cr. = 444 444.444 Lakh per Bldg. of approx. 12-15 flr.'s?

Does make sense when doing 'wholesale' math, but 44.5 Lakh per Bldg. ???

If each bldg. has 4 apt.'s, @ 4*13/44.5 Lakh = 1.16 Lakh approx. for 1 Apt.,
- land costs (hoping same is factored in the given 9000 Cr. costs), and critically gestation or inflation costs nominally extra! Approx. 1.25 Lakh per unit ok? :bash:

Even at approx. levels, 'farmers' are out to make a killing as each flat/apt. will be priced min. 25 Lakh or more. So min. profit, ROI is ... phew ... 25 times investment. In simple terms, 2500 times. In real-life compound interest terms-more like 10,000 % approx., no?

Total Input $ 2 Billion --> output $ 200 Billion @ 10,000 %, approx. Mind :nuts: boggling profit!

In 10 rs. time, with the profit and experience, the 'farmers'; more investors now; can collectively launch India's next Manhattan/Shanghai/HK/Sing/Dubai project ... say in arid Rajasthan or S. Haryana. 10 hrs. from there, launch a dozen such projects.

I don't know how to compound rates w/o knowing interest period. Guess 10 yrs.

Bumper crop, farmers or real-estate tycoons? I hope the idea spreads or is spearheaded by pioneers like said 'farmers'. This is what I call co-opting and profiting from country's progress, emotional costs of losing 'mitti' be ... mitigated, not damned. Smart!
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