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Hamburg - between Schanze and University

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I took these pics about two weeks ago when I visited a friend in Hamburg.

This is where this neighbourhood is located:

I really loved it. It was still pretty central but kinda removed at the same time while still being busy and interesting.

Wouldn't mind living in one of these:

Hamburg is definitly the capital of the smart car, they are everywhere.

The owner of this bike seems to be a St. Pauli fan.

More beer!

The bird was missing.

This was a hospice.

Graffiti is everywhere. Nobody bothers to remove it anymore.

Can you even call this graffiti?

Yes, gas is almost 9$/gallon.

Taken at St. Pauli S.Bahn station on my way back

The last 4 pics were taken at Hamburg-Blankenese. It a bit further west from the city center directly along the river Elbe and it's pretty much the richest neighbourhood of Germany. Germany's Beverly Hills. :D I only had a few minutes here but I'm surely going back to take more pics, it's very intersting. There's also a beach and an old town.

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Great pictures...Hamburg looks great. :)
Yeah! Nice to see "Rothaus" beer in Hamburg (the best beer in the world). :cheers:
Great pictures by the way! Thanks!
I really do like Hamburg. The more I see of it the more I want to experience it!

I have to say, I hate the European attitude to taggers and rubbish "graffiti" you see EVERYWHERE. I wish they'd obliterate it and heavily fine the scum that do it. There is nothing wrong with graffiti ART, but tagging is not art and it really gets my back up.
Wonderful tour , thank you . I love the City and particular the areas has shown . :cheers:

Didn't know it had the same metro cars as Amsterdam
I like mix of the taller old-buildings and the two floor luxury mansions. At the pic with the TV tower to the right you can see the red watertower , recently converted into a 5 star hotel . this building is situated in the Schanzenpark , the entrance to the hotel is just under the park as far as I know.Do you have some closer pics of it ?
Hamburg looks a bit American...a bit San Francisco, a bit East-Coast. I never imagined it like this. Very different-looking from Cologne and Berlin (two German cities I know), and especially other European cities.
^^ Hamburg indeed looks very different.This thread is only a small part of Hamburg, there are tons of surprising looking areas.
Hamburg does offer a lot. And what's most important, it's incredibly lively city, as these pictures suggest too.
Great pics. Thanks for the tour. Looks like a really neat neighborhood.
Great thread!

This neighbourhood has a really nice atmosphere, it seems cozy and busy at the same time! Oh, I liked its architecture too!

Anyways... I just love Hamburg, it's my favorite german city!

Thanks for sharing! :eek:kay:
it's quite funny you took a photo of my appartment. I know the guy who owns ther St. Pauli motorbike 'and even some faces looked quite familiar to me.
woow... looks very expensive, rich, and elegant... reminds me of..ehmm... zürich? :naughty:
used to be totally f...d up about 10 years ago until it underwent a yuppie renaissance
Lol, now how that's for a coicidence. :D

You live in a nice area I have to say.
it's quite funny you took a photo of my appartment. I know the guy who owns ther St. Pauli motorbike 'and even some faces looked quite familiar to me.
Fantastic! Northern Germany is simply amazing, my favorite part of the country. When I went to Hamburg I stuck to the area around the City Hall and we walked a bit up to the Hbf, but my dad got too tired and we just drove around then hehe.

But I have a question, when we arrived we went through an area on the river shore in which an S-Bahn line ran and when you get some blocks inland you find some Spanish and Portuguese restaurants. There's also a nice place to walk around and you can see some buildings from there. Do you know where that is?

Found the pic:

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