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The resolution of the citizens council in August 1997 on the development of the HafenCity, set the initial impetus for the century project. Within a time-frame of 25 years, Hamburg will now realize an urban quarter with maritime ambience which will integrate housing, leisure, tourism, trade and services. Approximately 5,500 apartments and more than 20,000 jobs will be created in the HafenCity.

This is how it should look like in about 10 years.

Planned development timeframes for each quarter

Sandtorkai quarter: 2003-05
Dalmannkai quarter: 2004-07
Am Sandtorpark quarter: 2005-07
Grasbrook quarter: 2005-07
Strandkai quarter: 2012-14
Überseequartier: 2007-11
Brooktorkai quarter: 2005-07 (Ericusspitze from 2012 on)
Östlich Magdeburger Hafen (‘East Magdeburg Harbour’) quarter: 2007-10
Lohsepark quarter: 2017-20
Oberhafen quarter: 2013-19
Baakenhafen quarter: 2010-22
Elbbrückenzentrum (‘Elbe Bridges Office Park’) quarter: from 2022 on

and how it looks right now:

Magellan-Terrassen right now

and in the future:

The new concert hall "The Elbphilharmonie" on Kaispeicher A will become a new cultural landmark.

the Peter Tamm International Maritime Museum, in historic Kaispeicher B.:

The Living Bridge:

Here are the first impressions of the masterplans for the Chicago Square

At the celebrations marking the 10th anniversary of Hamburg’s Sister City partnership with Chicago, Hamburg’s Minister responsible for urban development and environment, Dr. Michael Freytag, unveiled the City’s plans to develop a ‘Chicago Square’ area, with surrounding high-rise buildings, in the Elbbrücken district (east-end of the Hafencity). The plans will draw heavily on the high-rise expertise of architects from Chicago.

Lohan Anderson

Murphy Jahn

Studio Gang

Krueck Sexton

John Ronan

The Überseequartier for the Hafencity by dutch architect Rem Kohlhaas

The Überseequartier is the centrepiece of Hamburg’s HafenCity urban development zone. The quarter will complement Hamburg’s current inner-city precinct, featuring a vibrant mix of cultural, leisure and entertainment facilities, a cruise ship terminal, shops, restaurants, hotels, service-sector outlets and residential housing. The main attraction will be the Maritime Erlebniswelt, a large complex that will house a giant aquarium and Science Center.

Currently under construction is the DALMANNKAI QUARTER:
The Dalmannkai quarter is a peninsula-like area between the Sandtorhafen harbour to the north and the Grasbrookhafen marina to the south. On completion, the quarter will comprise around 115,000 m2 of gross floor space, providing a sophisticated mix of inner-city residential housing, office space for service-sector companies, hospitality outlets with attractive waterfront seating, and a new concert hall, the Elbe Philharmonic (Elbphilharmonie). Construction start is scheduled for 2005.

The "Speicherstadt", was realized within the free port area between 1885 and 1913 in three construction stages:

More Infos about this project can be found on the website:

The latest construction pictures of the Hafencity can be found here:

Respect the Architect
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wow ,gr8 plans! the living bridge and concert hall are awesome, wish to see that realized!

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i like it to see that computeranimations and to see the difference between the pics and true by other buildings. these animations are of a very good scale.

Just another user
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Urban Dave said:
:eek:mg: The project seems to be one of the biggest one in Europe!
Biggest in what?


This looks like a great project!! It looks a bit similar to project in Amsterdam and Rotterdam were they realized housing in old harbor area's. But the concert hall and living bridge, they rock!

Construction Paradise
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great to see at least one german city is ambitious to build something new and big

it looks really good and even right now this place is unique

but why does it take 15 years to build a few buildings, now this is typical german!

spaghetti polonaise
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aedificium erectum said:
Amazing project seems to have high quality, this is built for centuries! But the project needs one big tower...:)
There are towers planned at the east-end of the Hafencity (you see them in the background of the first pic). The west-end of the Hafencity is too close to the historic church-skyline to built skyscrapers.
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