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Hamburg in april Part II (Speicherstadt, Hafencity and St. Pauli piers)

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Hamburg in april Part I (city center, town hall, Alster and canals)

On my way to the Speicherstadt

View from the tower of St. Michaelsi or Michel as the Hamburger call it

You can see the Millerntor on the left side, stadium of famous football club FC St. Pauli
and the massive WW2 bunkeron the right

St. Pauli Landungsbrücken (piers), where the old sailing vessels used to dock

You can see the red bricks of the Speicherstadt (Bonded Warehouse District which was built between 1883 and 1928 as a Free Port).

walking to the piers

The huge Hafenscity project.
Read more here:

This will be the base for the new fantastic new Elbe Philharmonic Hall
read more here:

And that's why there are so many Smart cars:

Chilehaus (1923, designed by Fritz Höger)

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Great pictures.Love those old wharehouses - very impressive.
The EL-train along the Waterfront is the coolest ride I know you can do anywhere.Amazing world-port !
Thanks for the comments guys.
Sadly my camera is broken so no new pics from.
In a recent New York times article " 36 hours in Hamburg " the author described Hamburg as a " cosmopolitan-cool " , different to Berlin and City like Bilbao , San Francisco or New York.
"Where else than in Hamburg you can windowshopping for Cartier neckcollars at the day and hanging up with crazy punk-rocks in the evening " he wrote , visiting also this area "Storehouse-city" and calling it a big architectural curiosity , there is also a slide-show to this articel in the NYT.:)
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Excellent, more Hamburg pictures on the forum! I love the part of Hamburg that you've captured here, those warehouses are nothing short of impressive. Great cityscape shots too!

Great photos mate, I look forward to more! :)
Hamburg panoramic views are totally awesome :) thanks StoneRose :eek:kay:
...btw.. it's a thread from 2007 , but I love Hamburg so I will response once more , because Hamburg ( Germanys second largest city and most important economical and industrial city) is rare in the Foto forums and often very underrated . Cooool pics !:) Hope anybody will make a new thread of Hamburg in the next time ....
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