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Here is a list of projects underway in Hamburg! :)

Which one of these projects do you like the most?

Atlantic House (under construction)

Überseezentrum (approved) Start 2008

Empire Riverside Hotel (u/c)

Elbphilharmonie (construction starts 2007)

Harbour Crown (u/c)

Domplatz (approved)

Mövenpick-Hotel (u/c)

Oval-Office (just finished)

d.quai (aproved)


Wandsbeker Tor (aproved)

New Airport Terminal (just finished)

Securvita u/c

Kühne & Nagel (u/c)

Hamburg Messe (u/c)

430mio€ Europa Passage (opening in october)

Hamburg-America-Center by Richard Meier (u/c)

Holzhafen (approved) construction starts in the beginning of 2007

AEZ (expansion building)

Ballinstadt (Hamburgs Ellis Island) 5mio people left from here! (u/c)

YOO (Interieurdesign by Philippe Starck) (u/c)

House 9 (No real name yet) (approved)

Strabag (u/c)

ottensen.westend (u/c)

China-Tower (proposed)

HASPA (finished in 2 month)

An der Alster 1 (u/c)

Tango-Towers Reeperbahn (proposed)

Elbbrückenzentrum (up to 350m proposed) The contest is not decided yet

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Looks like Hamburg is booming! Is there any special reason for all these projects?
Only some height is missing, hope Elbbrückenzentrum, may be not with 350m because that would dwarf all other highrises!

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Last week the Stern-magazine had "Boomtown Hamburg" as its main topic.
The port is booming and is growing faster than any other european major port. That's why Hamburg becomes more and more interesting especially for logistics companies. In terms of making Hamburg attractive for companies the local government obviously does a great job. But IMO they lack in social politics: public libraries and baths have to close, it gets harder for poor people to get education or to afford Kindergarden places. And a big controversy is the handling of beggars in the city. Some people want to scare them away from the inner parts of Hamburg without offering help, other people think that scaring them away doesn't solve but only relocates the problem.

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According to the masterplan the last part of the new Hafencity was supposed to be finished by 2023, but the development is much faster than expected. The main part of the Hafencity will be finished by 2011.

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Some great projects here, I like so many of them I can't choose which I find best.

Hamburg looks set to remain my favourite city in Germany along with Berlin. I only wish Frankfurt was half the city Hamburg is.
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