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Borat Sagdiev
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While, I got up on the the newest development on the mountain. It was a perfect day for it too, great clear weather. Enjoy these never before seen shots of the Hammer. Can any of you guess what project im on top of?

The core, with the mountain access in the foreground..

Looking at the South West Mountain - Above esc

Downtown and Mountain Park Bvld

Downtown Zoomed

Looking at the South East Mountain - Above Esc

Love the Green!

Be Careful!!

Hope you guys enjoyed.. Can you guess where i took these from?

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Taken from the top of this new condo that's under construction at the edge of the Escarpment.

Most of the units in that condo are selling near $1 million. The most expensive units are already sold out. I can't remember the website address for the condo.
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