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Hamilton International Airport

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It's a tea party on the tarmac with first U.K. flight arrival

By John Burman
The Hamilton Spectator
(May 1, 2007)

The British are coming on the first transatlantic scheduled flight to land in Hamilton in almost 20 years., Britain's fastest growing airline, begins service connecting Hamilton to 13 British destinations today.

The first load of passengers -- from Doncaster/Sheffield airport -- lands in Hamilton at 4:20 p.m. Two flights to Britain will depart this evening.

Stephen Elmy, Canadian manager for the Edinburgh-based carrier, says all three inaugural flights are full.

flyglobespan flies from Britain to various locations in Europe.

Hamilton airport plans a "fire truck welcome," spraying water jets over the top of the first plane.
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Local air service to U.K. takes off

By John Burman
The Hamilton Spectator
(May 1, 2007)

John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport takes a huge step across the Atlantic today., the internet-based discount airline voted Airline of the Year by the Scottish BAA in 2005, will inaugurate its three times a day service to 13 British destinations today.

The thrice daily service -- which offers economy flights as low as $99 one way not including taxes -- will be offered from May to October using Boeing 757s and similar planes.

Stephen Elmy, flyglobespan's Canadian manager, says the airline "will have a winter schedule, certainly to the major cities" but it is liable to be only one or two flights a day.

It's been nearly 20 years since the airport handled jets bound for Britain, a service lost when Nationair closed down operations here in August 1989.

Richard Koroscil, president of TradePort International which operates the airport, says Hamilton worked quietly over 18 months to land the new carrier.

Koroscil and Elmy say Hamilton's major advantage is cost.

Landing fees at Pearson International in Toronto can be $10,000 depending on the plane. Hamilton's are about $4,000.

"It costs one third to land a big plane in Hamilton, what it costs in Toronto," says Elmy.

Then there's the taxes. Add them up and taxes in Hamilton work out to about $130 less per seat.

And every dime counts. Elmy and analysts say there is something of a fare war going on over the Atlantic this summer as Airtransat, Zoom Airlines and flyglobespan duke it out.

"I've seen some fares one way out of Toronto for $74," says Elmy.

flyglobespan offers a cheap, economy seat with less luggage allowance for $99. The airline offers more expensive premium and business class seats.

Hamilton airport plans a welcome tea party for flyglobespan featuring plenty of food, the pipes and drums of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders of Canada, lots of sun and dignitaries on the tarmac from 2 to 4 p.m.
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That's good news for Hamilton, I'm quite suprised how well the airport has been expanding there.
Have they updated the terminals at all? Or is it still the same thing it was 10 years ago?
It's totally different from 10 years ago.
Here's some pictures of the terminal. All these photos come from LikeHamilton in SSP.

New security area

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Currently the Airport is doubling the size of it's International terminal, it's under construction. Flyglobespan will be using this section of the airport once it's open.

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I always enjoy flying out of Hamilton.... I think for those who fly often, smaller airports are less of a hassle.
I don't think I'd ever fly out of Hamilton (Pearson being too convenient, like 10-15 minutes away), but I'm glad they're expanding and all that. Take some of the pressure off Pearson.
I don't think I'd ever fly out of Hamilton (Pearson being too convenient, like 10-15 minutes away), but I'm glad they're expanding and all that. Take some of the pressure off Pearson.
Pearson doesn't have to worry about pressure at all :p
It's got more room and can handle far more passengers than it gets right now. Like I mean millions more.
The only reason why Hamilton Airport got flyglobespan was because of Pearson's high landing fee. They moved from Toronto to Hamilton. Once they decided to move to Hamilton they also increased the number of destinations. So far all fights this week is sold out. There's rumours more airlines will be making the switch if flyglobespan does well at Hamilton.

Flyglobespan lands at YHM

From LikeHamilton in SSP
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An older article that highlights the fact Hamilton offers more U.K. destinations than any other airport in Canada.

Airport flies higher
John Rennison, the Hamilton Spectator

By Lisa Grace Marr
The Hamilton Spectator
(Mar 5, 2007)

John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport is growing up.

Compass Group Canada, a national food services company, has opened two Tim Hortons stores (one inside security, one in the lobby), an On the Fly store that offers everything from chewing gum to magazines and The Escarpment Lounge in the departure area.

Compass also has plans to renovate The Corner Cafe it already operates at the airport, transforming it into one of its Coyote Jack's Bar & Grill eateries.

The airport is also investing about $2 million in a number of other upgrades: A duty-free store it hopes will open in April, a renovated security screening area, a new kids play zone and a doubling of the international arrivals area.

It is scheduled to open May 1, the same day U.K. airline flyglobespan starts flights out of Hamilton.

Richard Koroscil, president of TradePort International which operates the airport, said its commercial development and expansion is part of an overall growth strategy and only partly due to flyglobespan's arrival.

Eric Cameron, regional director (Chartwells) Compass Group Canada, said the company responded to a request for a proposal before flyglobespan's announcement that it was coming to Hamilton. However, Cameron added it is evidence of the airport's potential.

"We're confident that flyglobespan will provide significant lift and we're pleased to be part of the airport's growth."

Compass, which has about 30 staff working at the airport, is a multinational, billion-dollar business and holds the highest number of Tim Hortons franchises in Canada.

It runs the on-board food service at WestJet and at several Hamilton locations, including Mohawk College and St. Joseph's Hospital.

Koroscil said the expansion is part of a strategy to expand services and flights slowly, keeping costs down for airlines and the airport.

"We take a different approach from many other airports. They spend billions and billions, we go slow. This is the first time we've had two main national carriers at the airport (Air Canada and WestJet) and we're now offering more destinations than at any other time in our history."

However, he acknowledged that flyglobespan's choice of Hamilton is big news.

With flyglobespan, Hamilton will offer more U.K. destinations than any other airport in Canada and will bring an estimated 600 extra passengers into the airport each day.

"There will be a 20 to 30 per cent lift in passenger traffic in '07 over '06," he said.

"Last year, we saw growth of over 20 per cent. Hamilton will directly benefit from this investment."
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Hamilton International Airport welcomes flyglobespan

On Tuesday 1 May, 2007 John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport hosted a gathering of dignitaries, guests and representatives of the media to celebrate the arrival of the first flyglobespan flight into the airport this season. The event took place at the Airport and the adjoining Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, in keeping with the theme of the event.

Attendees included the Hon. Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, the Hon. Jim Bradley, Ontario Minister of Tourism, Michael Upton, Deputy Consul-General, British Consulate-General Toronto, Fred Eisenberger, Mayor of Hamilton and Alex Heron, VP Canada flyglobespan. The flyglobespan plane was greeted by the Hamilton Airport Fire Department and the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders (LP). Guests enjoyed a traditional British High Tea and tea tasting – all to the accompaniment of Highland Dancing.

Flyglobespan has become one of the largest and most popular airlines in the UK. Its first flights herald the arrival in Canada of one of the most successful examples of the low cost airline model that has opened up the skies over Europe in recent years.

The Hon. Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities announced in November of last year, a new International air policy, the Blue Sky policy. “Our Blue Sky policy aims to give Canadians more choice and more opportunities to fly to the places they want to go,” said Minister Cannon. “It will allow more airlines like flyglobespan to establish new services, it will create more opportunities for Canadian carriers to expand internationally and it will enable airports, such as the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, to market themselves around the globe with greater freedom”.

Hamilton International Airport (hi) has been carefully chosen over Toronto Pearson as flyglobespan’s Canadian base in Ontario. “We are very proud to be chosen by flyglobespan, as this validates the ease of use and time savings advantage that hi offers compared to Toronto Pearson,” said Richard Koroscil, President and CEO, John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport. “We’re offering more destinations and services than ever before and we’re extremely pleased to have flyglobespan as our newest partner.”

The benefits of small convenient regional airports, as opposed to congested big city alternatives, were also highlighted by Stephen Elmy, Regional Manager - North America for flyglobespan. “Regional airports help keep costs down and it’s quick and easy for travelers to arrive closer to their actual destination.” He added, “Flyglobespan may be new to Canada, but we’re well-known in the UK. We fly from there to over 20 European destinations and have now added destinations in the US and South Africa to our network. Once Canadians arrive in the UK they have the potential to explore not just the UK, but Europe as well. In fact London Stansted is the home of the $10 ticket to Europe.”

Michael Upton, Deputy Consul-General, British Consulate-General Toronto was amongst the welcoming party for the new flights. He emphasized the convenience of the regional airport destinations in the UK. "Flyglobespan's network helps passengers to reach their destination directly in the UK. It will greatly benefit tourists seeking to cover several areas of the country, because Globespan's flexibility allows them to fly into one airport and out of another. Moreover, the increased options of regional airport links, and low fares will encourage even more visits by friends, family, and also make new business connections". Upton went on to highlight the target of welcoming one million visitors to the UK from Canada during the next few years.

The Hon. Jim Bradley, Ontario Minister of Tourism, who was also in attendance, had his eyes firmly set on the passengers arriving in the other direction. “Ontario hosts more than 415,000 visitors from the UK each year making this our largest overseas market,” said Minister of Tourism Jim Bradley. “This is a great opportunity for us to expand and develop our regional tourism market in this area.”
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flyglobespan takes off with flights to the United Kingdom
Kevin Werner, Ancaster News
(May 4, 2007)

Even before one of their 757s had even touched down at Hamilton International Airport, flyglobespan airlines officials were hailing their UK flights from the city a commercial boon.

"It's already a success," said Stephen Elmy, regional manager for flyglobespan earlier this week during the airline's launch party at the Hamilton Warplane Heritage Museum complete with bagpipes and highland dancers.

"It's been astounding," he added. "It's been beyond our wildest imagination. We're very, very pleased with the response."

Mr. Elmy said, as Hamilton Airport officials and guests enjoyed tea and crumpets during an afternoon news conference this week, airline officials are preparing to announced in a few weeks extending its service throughout the winter.

"And then we will come back full bore, probably in a bigger way come next April, May (2008)," he said.

The low-cost, web-based airline, which was established in 2002 in Europe, is providing three flights per day from the Hamilton Airport between May and October. The first two flights on its 757 planes, which carry about 189 passengers, May 1 were already filled, and Mr. Elmy said he expects all flights to be booked by the summer. Flyglobespan is flying to 13 destinations including London, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, Ireland, Edinburgh, Scotland, Birmingham and Liverpool. The lowest cost for a flight is $99, one way economy, with seats also selling for $129 and $399 business class, also one-way.

Mr. Elmy dismissed any possibility flyglobespan will end up like other airlines which have a successful launch in Hamilton, then a few years later leave the city.

Westjet, and Jetsgo, either ended their flights after high expectations, or in the case of Westjet moved to Pearson International in Toronto. Flyglobespan, based out of Edinburgh, left Pearson and established Hamilton as its eastern hub because of the low cost, easier transportation access and convenience for customers.

"I expect to be standing here two to three years from now talking to you about our continued success," said Mr. Elmy.

Flyglobespan is not a new company, officials say. It has been in the flight business for 20 years and recently has been associated with Air Transat. The company also flies to 20 destinations from the UK.

Richard Koroscil, president and chief executive officer of Hamilton International Airport, said other airlines are keeping a close eye on flyglobespan's operations in Hamilton.

"There has been a reluctance (among other airlines) to come this way," he said. "Now that flyglobespan is here there are a lot of people kind of wondering, looking at the cost advantage flyglobespan will have over them."
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Hamilton needs Air Canada, US Airlines, ect.. too. :cheers:

This was a good news for me.
Air Canada does serve YHM

flyglobespan, Air Canada Jazz and WestJet

photo from Hammertown in SSP

This came from Air Canada

If you follow the green lines from YHM you can see Ottawa, Montreal (which Jazz already serve), Halifax and Winnipeg. So probably in the future we'll likely see flights from Jazz to Winnipeg and Halifax.

I remember hearing some American airline serving YHM but I forget the name. I'll try to remember it.
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New Duty Free Facility Open for Business
New Duty Free Facility Open for Business


Thursday, May 10, 2007 – HAMILTON -- Richard Koroscil, President and CEO of the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (hi), is pleased to announce that Hamilton International Duty Free is now open for business.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be offering our passengers full duty free service, for the first time in the history of Hamilton International Airport,” said Koroscil. “We’re offering more destinations and services than ever before and this is a long awaited arrival for the airport.”

Hamilton International Duty Free officially opened its doors to passengers in the newly renovated departure lounge at hi. The facility features hundreds of different items including product lines traditionally only available at exclusive stores and boutiques. Hamilton International Duty Free promises a more enjoyable shopping experience than ever with incredible buys on merchandise for women, men, and children. The store offers fragrances and cosmetics in brands including, but not limited to, Chanel, Lancôme, Clinique, Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden. Also available, is a selection of Swarovski jewelry and fashion watches. Hamilton International Duty Free offers top-shelf liquors and some of Ontario’s best wines and icewines. Hamilton International Duty Free offers truly competitive pricing, accepts all major credit cards and is open to service all international and transborder flights.

Hamilton International Duty Free’s philosophy is to make a positive impression on every visitor to Canada, “We take our ambassadorial responsibilities very seriously,” said Chuck Loewen, the store’s general manager. “We want to leave everyone who stops here on their way home with a good last and lasting impression of Canada.”

Hamilton International Duty Free is owned and operated by North America’s largest land border Duty Free store, The Peace Bridge Duty Free. The Peace Bridge Duty Free has been operating since 1986 and recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. You can visit them online at
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WestJet Adds St. Lucia to Growing List of Sun Destinations
Airline also connects Hamilton to hotspots like Nassau, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa.

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 3, 2007) - WestJet (TSX:WJA) today announced the introduction of new seasonal non-stop service from Toronto to St. Lucia (UVF). Service to this new sun destination begins December 16, 2007. WestJet's enhanced winter schedule also includes new non-stop flights from Hamilton to Nassau, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa.

"St. Lucia represents the fifth international country for scheduled service," said Chris Avery, WestJet Vice-President, Network and Revenue Management. "These announcements are part of WestJet's measured expansion plans to fly to over 60 destinations by 2013. Our fleet of 68 Boeing Next-Generation 737 aircraft is perfectly suited for these destinations, providing live seatback TV and pay-per-view movies at every seat. We are confident that the exceptional guest experience provided by our more than 6,500 WestJetters will make these destinations a success.

"We are also pleased to announce exciting news for Hamilton, Ontario. Hamiltonians have embraced WestJet since our arrival in 2000 and these new routes demonstrate our commitment to southwestern Ontario. Connecting Hamilton to these sun destinations is another way for WestJet to meet the needs of our guests. Our record load factors announced today shows, yet again, that WestJet's schedule fits with the travel demands of Canadians."

"Over the past three years, WestJet has grown to 19 sun destinations offering guests across Canada the opportunity to travel south in the winter. WestJet also recently announced the addition of six other new hot spots: Montego Bay (Jamaica), Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) and Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), Mazatlan (Mexico), Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) and Kona (Hawaii)."

"This is exciting news for WestJet Vacations," said John Hamilton, Vice-President, WestJet Vacations. "This expansion enriches the already strong package offerings to our sun destinations. I am confident that our value-added vacation packages will offer something for everyone."

Hamilton - Nassau, Bahamas (Friday) starts February 15, 2008

Hamilton - Fort Lauderdale (Tuesday and Saturday) starts February 16, 2008

Hamilton - Orlando (Saturdays) starts November 10, 2007
Hamilton - Orlando (Wednesday and Sunday) starts February 17, 2008

Hamilton - Tampa (Monday and Thursday) starts February 18, 2008
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