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I paid my first real visit to the nearby city of Hamilton, Ontario (120 km or about 70 miles) on the weekend of February 1, 2013. I spent the weekend in the city of 520,000 taking a picture tour of downtown, toured the city's famous historic 19th century mansion, Dundurn Castle, attended a Hamilton Bulldogs AHL hockey game (they are the farm team of the NHL's Montreal Canadiens), toured Durand, one of Canada's most architecturally diverse neighborhoods, Locke Street Village, and went to a theatrical play at Theatre Aquarius.

Also, I have a statement to make. To anyone who has gotten a negative impression of the city of Hamilton for its steel mills passing by on the PLEASE DON'T LET THE STEEL MILLS FOOL YOU, because behind it is a vibrant growing city with great civic pride and a sense of community with lots to see and do! If you come to this great city with an open mind like I did, I'm sure you will get the same impression.

In the past a long time ago, I know I have said some negative comments about the city, but that's because I didn't know the city well and because I took too much pride in London, the city closest to me, and to the people on the forums who live in or like Hamilton and take pride in their community, I sincerely apologize and take back those comments. :)

We start with the Friday portion of the tour, which includes downtown, Dundurn Castle, and the Bulldogs hockey game at Copps Coliseum!

I came to Hamilton by bus from Kitchener and stopped at the former Toronto, Hamilton, and Buffalo railway station downtown, which now serves as Hamilton's GO Transit station and bus depot. Here is the interior of the building.

Exterior of the station on Hunter Street, built in 1933

Here I am greeted nicely by the city's tallest building on the right, Landmark Place and the downtown campus of McMaster University, former Wentworth County Courthouse

Commercial Block on Main Street, Hamilton Club in the middle

Bank of Montreal building

St. Paul's Church, completed in 1857, with the BDC Building behind

Landed Banking and Loan Company Building

Looking up at Hamilton's oldest skyscraper, the Pigott Building, built in 1929

Ellen Fairclough Building on the left and Commerce Place Towers on the right

Downtown from Gore Park, the city's main downtown park...

Effort Square Complex and Landmark Place

Royal Connaught Hotel building, formerly a Howard Johnson hotel, soon to be transformed into a major condominium project. Will be a big boost for downtown Hamilton!

Looking up at Landmark Place, at 127 metres and 43 storeys, the tallest building in Hamilton.

Rear of the Royal Connaught Hotel, as you can see by the initials, it was once a Howard Johnson.

Dominion Public Building

Downtown YMCA

Pigott Building

HSBC Building

King Street

John A. Macdonald Statue in Gore Park

Treble Hall Block, I believe this is on John Street

King Street again...

Queen Victoria statue in Gore Park

The newly-restored Lister Block building

Jackson Square Shopping Mall, part of the large Lloyd D. Jackson Square Superblock

Commerce Place

Looking up at Stelco Tower, tallest office building in Hamilton and second-tallest overall in the city.

My hotel, the recently-opened Staybridge Suites hotel. This hotel was absolutely amazing! Would recommend this to anyone staying in Hamilton!

View from my room, looking south towards Main Street...

Bella Towers under construction, renovating an abandoned building on Main Street near Caroline

New Homewood Suites hotel under construction downtown, I like this, because Hamilton could use some more nicer hotel rooms downtown, IMHO!

Frank and Teressa's Anchor Bar restaurant, home of the original Buffalo wing, it is the first franchise of the famed Buffalo, New York based birthplace of the Buffalo chicken wing. It just opened the day I arrived in Lloyd Jackson Square

Art Gallery of Hamilton

Looking up at Commerce Place

Sheraton Hotel, also part of the Lloyd Jackson Square complex

Standard Life Building and Sheraton

Looking up at the Standard Life Building

View of downtown from behind the foundation for a McMaster University Medical Campus to built downtown, was on the site of the former Wentworth Board of Education Building

Hamilton City Hall

The renowned Hamilton Place Theatre

Superior Courthouse, former Hamilton Public Library

BDC Building and former Library

Copps Coliseum, the city's 18,000 seat arena, home of the Hamilton Bulldogs AHL hockey team and hopefully soon-to-be home of one of the NHL's money-bleeding franchises!

Hamilton Public Library

View of downtown on York Boulevard from Dundurn Park

Dundurn Park

Gates leading to...

Dundurn Castle!

Dundurn Castle was the home of former Prime Minister Sir Allan Napier MacNab. Was built from 1832-1835 at a cost of $175,000. At the time it was built, it was the largest private mansion in Canada. The building is owned by the city of Hamilton and it serves as a living museum. Side note: the duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, is an ancestor of Sir Allan Napier MacNab and his daughter, Sophia.

Dundurn Castle Historic Plaque

Bust of Sir Allan Napier MacNab

Inside the castle...

Those lights on the right you see are gas lights...

The magnificent front of the Castle...

Rear of Dundurn Castle...

Awesome view of Lake Ontario, looking towards Burlington

This logo appears on almost all the city's lights, at least downtown...

Downtown in the early evening...

City Hall

Canadian Football Hall of Fame

Whitehern Historic Site and House

Tailgate Charlie's Sports Bar downtown

Hope you enjoyed part one of my Hamilton trip! Part two coming soon with Durand and Locke Street Village!

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Excellent tour Jaybird. Thanks!

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My goodness, what a grey place!! For a country so cold as this, the city should be more colorful!!
It is when it's sunny out. It was overcast, cloudy, and snowing on/off all day.

Thanks for good comments, everyone!

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Here is the second part of my visit to the city of Hamilton, Ontario on the weekend of February 1, 2013. I toured the neighbourhoods of Durand and Locke Street Village.

Durand is one of the city's oldest neighbourhoods, located south of downtown. It contains some of the most architecturally diverse collection of homes in the country.

Durand is named after James Durand, an Upper Canada businessman. The neighborhood's population is about 12,000.

Starting just south of downtown on Hunter Street… here is the start of Part 2 of my Winter 2013 Hamilton photo tour… as you can tell, it was cold and dreary day with flurries, but that didn't stop me!

Hamilton Central Public School, built in 1853, was the largest school in Upper Canada when built and could accomodate 1,000 students. Still used today.

Looking up at one of Hamilton's many apartment buildings

Historic house where CHCH-TV first started. Located at 163 Jackson St. West

CHCH-TV, Hamilton's TV Station

Front entrance to the house

Side of the CHCH-TV building

Another empire home across from CHCH-TV on Jackson Street

Bella Towers construction on Main Street, it was formerly an abandoned municipal building

With all these tall apartment buildings and old houses, it reminds me a bit of Chicago's Gold Coast

High-rise apartments on Bold Street

Condominium development in Durand

Durand Park

The more south you go towards Aberdeen, you'll run into some of the city's oldest mansions like this one...

These homes are on Ravenscliffe Avenue

As you can tell, these homes are on a hill with Hamilton Mountain (part of the Niagara Escarpment) behind

Homes on Turner Avenue

Looking towards downtown from the area of Durand on Hamilton Mountain

Ballhinich House on James Street

More homes on Aberdeen Avenue

Homes on Herkimer Street

Hamilton Central Presbyterian Church, completed in 1908

Locke Street Village is a business district located on Locke Street South in the city's west end, founded in 1850. It contains numerous boutiques, stores, shops, services, and restaurants, as well as a number of churches.

Chuck's Burger Bar, where I ate lunch, I believe this was on a show on the Food Network, along with a few other Hamilton restaurants...

These are back downtown, La Cantina Italian Restaurant, where I ate a delicious supper that night! This restaurant has been rated tops in "Toronto Life" magazine and voted best Italian Restaurant in the GTA (even though Hamilton isn't in the GTA).

Theatre Aquarius, one of Hamilton's Performing Arts Centres

Hope you all enjoyed part two of my Hamilton Winter 2013 tour! COMING SOON: night shots of the city!

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Once again Jaybird, thanks for a very impressive tour of Durand. What an incredibly elegant and stately neighbourhood.

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Here is the third and final part of my Hamilton Winter 2013 Phototour. This is the NIGHTTIME phototour! These are all shots of downtown taken during the evening of a cool, clear night. I had a tripod with me at the time and most of these shots came out great! I took all these after the Bulldogs' hockey game @ Copps Coliseum

Without further ado, here's my night pictures of downtown Hamilton!

City Hall

Hamilton Place Theatre

BDC Building with Landmark Place in the distance

Hamilton Convention Centre and Ellen Fairclough Building

Standard Life Building and Sheraton Hotel

Art Gallery of Hamilton

Historic Whitehern House

McMaster downtown campus and Landmark Place

Hamilton GO Centre, former Toronto, Hamilton, and Buffalo railways station

Stelco Tower, Commerce Place, and a church

Stelco Tower and Commerce Place

These shots were taken from the City Hall parking deck

BDC Building and St. Pauls Church

Commerce Place

Gore Park and Downtown from above Jackson Square

Looking up at the Stelco Tower

Jackson Square

Pigott Building

King William Street, one of downtown Hamilton's artsy streets

Theatre Aquarius

Landmark Place and Effort Square

Rear of the Hamilton Public Library in Jackson Square Plaza

Sheraton and Standard Life Building

Back of Copps Coliseum

Hamilton Public Library and Farmers Market

Copps Coliseum and Standard Life Building on Bay Street

Standard Life Centre @ Lloyd D. Jackson Square

Inside the Standard Life Centre

This building has a remarkable atrium

Now for skyline shots galore! These were taken from Sam Lawrence Park on Hamilton Mountain, I played with different settings and angles

Hope you all enjoyed my night shots of Hamilton!

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One of my favourite places in Canada. Thanks for the tour.

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