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Hancock's Bridge, NJ

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Hancock's Bridge is a small hamlet in Salem County, New Jersey. The little town is a charactersitic South Jersey marshland town. Hancock's Bridge is part of Lower Alloway Creek Township. The population of Hancock's Bridge is around 100, and the population of the Township is around 1800. Hancock's Bridge sits along Alloway Creek, near the Delaware River.

The Hancock House. On March 21, 1778, Colonel John Simcoe, leader of the Queen's Rangers, led an attack on Patriot militia who had taken over the house as a headquarters. After Loyalists and Hessians had attacked Quinton's Bridge (now Quinton), they threatened to burn down the nearby town of Salem and subject women and children to hardships if Patriot militia didn't surrender. The militia countered by threatening to subject resident Loyalists in the area to hardship. The Loyalists and Hessians backed off, but other forces, led by Simcoe, continued the assault in South Jersey a few days later at Hancock's Bridge. Patriot militia had comandeered the house of Judge William Hancock, a known Loyalist. Simcoe and his men attacked while the militia slept, and killed at least 20 members of the militia, including some that were allegedly offering to surrender. Simcoe and his men also killed William Hancock and his brother, who were known to be Loyalists and were also pacifist Quakers. The event vecame known as "the Massacre at Hancock's Bridge".

Front Street

Main Street

New Street

Alloway Creek, with Abbotts Meadow, the marshland surrounding Hancock's Bridge, in the background.

Alloway Creek

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Nice. It does give off that typical South Jersey small town feel from looking at these pics.
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