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Hangzhou No.2 Telecom Hub

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5/10 - I'd like to see a few more pictures, but based on what I do see...

The facade seems like it should dance with the light, there's a good contrast between stone and glass, and at least the roof isn't flat...

But the real facade doesn't look as good as the picture, the building doesn't have good height, and the base, tower, and spire don't go together AT ALL, making it look very awkward.

An attempt to be imaginative that didn't quite turn out right...Maybe an E for efort, though....


Its like the designer worked too hard. The photograph shows a completely different color scheme than the drawings and what is with the fuschia band above the lobby????? That is completely off the wall, at least it wasn't pink in the finished product.
1 - 20 of 205 Posts
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