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happy birthday qatari 4 ever, aaron and me (the forgotten 3)

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well the forum is very weird this year (2008) very slow very boring and nothing exciting....... and guess what our birthdays were forgotten ! go figure !

Aaron = 8th of may (last month !!)
qatari 4 ever = 3rd of june (today....)
me = 2nd of june (yesterday)

happy birthday guys it might be late (aaron) or on time (Q4E) but still atleast we 3 remmember each other :)
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looool happy birthday guys!!!
yes 2008 is a busy year so far : (
Glad you guys keep this forum animated.
It's a pity cause a loooot of things are happening...
One stupid question though: how can we find out it's your birthday?

Happy bday again Qatar Son, Aaron and Qatari4ever!

^^thanks, at the bottom of the main page of ssc, you will see the people who are having their birthdays at that date, also there are the other previous months that you can view, not a stupid question though since its far away from the main forums:D
^^ yes and just visit there profile... thats if they edited it.... you have to check first...
may, 25th was my birthday. add me to the list :p
oh sorry, happy birthday salman :cheers::D
may, 25th was my birthday. add me to the list :p
ok, happy birthday too!:)
and mine was yesterday...hehe jk!
Happy birthday Salman! Hope you had a good one!! :)
wow June is a busy month in here ;)
I was away from the forum, so excuse me for not wishing u all a very happy Birthday!

WIsh u a very successful year and Happy bIRTHDAY you GUYS!
wow 4 forgotten by everyone.... thats alot
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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