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Harmony Park
Jakupa Architects

Harmony Park is situated within the Helderberg Urban Renewal Area as defined by the integrated settlement trajectory of the City of Cape Town 2030 vision. This designation recognises on a schematic policy level the need for urban restructuring through intensification and integration as the underlying informants for a sustainable and vital urban future for the region.

The conceptual urban framework developed in this document illustrates an argument for a long-term development path that should underpin the spatial structure of the sub-region for the future. The spatial strategy described identifies the limitations of technocratic modes of space production which neglects to address the complexities of the contemporary South African urban condition and tends to perpetuate rather than contest historic imbalances.

Rather, the strategy takes a holistic approach that integrates environmental concerns, urban development opportunities, and technical considerations through careful spatial planning and infrastructural design. It attempts to develop a contextual response that guides market forces and engages communities and economies, especially those historically fragmented and marginalised, in a manner that has the potential to have the greatest impact on the greatest number of peoples’ lives at the most basic level. Thus the long-term aim of the conceptual framework is to establish liveable and balanced communities by developing local townships and estates to integrated settlements. It recommends strategic intervention in areas where the multiplier effect will be greatest.

This is a developmental perspective that critically recognises the locational value of urban nodes and corridors at strategic points as spatial restructuring tools that present the points of highest accessibility and visibility in an urban system, and therefore has the potential to build economic growth and facilitate social, cultural, and urban encounter in the region. Faure Marine Drive is suitable to fulfil this function as an urban development corridor in a process of conscious regeneration and restructuring through appropriate planning intervention strategies.

The revitalisation of Harmony Park is recognised as a strategic site along this corridor which may act as a development catalyst in the broader renewal and integration of the peripheral communities between the Strand/ Gordon’s Bay economic centres.

This designation of Harmony Park as a secondary nodal growth point in the locality also provides the opportunity to create a new urban special place in the district. Its strategic location for socio-economic development to adjacent inadequately served communities, its large open spaces for recreation, and its attractive natural amenity should identify the site as an important coastal development node in the city which may “Meet the Coast” in a unique and celebrated manner.

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