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HARRISBURG | Harrisburg University tower | 284 ft | 17 fl | U/C

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Harrisburg University of Science and Technology wants to build Harrisburg’s tallest building at 36-stories. Construction to begin in 2019.
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Local ABC coverage of new Harrisburg tallest building

God for Harrisburg! Any word on the estimated height in feet?
No designs released yet - but at least 36 stories and expected to be the new tallest. Here is a story from Harrisburg's ABC affiliate - ABC27.
An update on the Harrisburg University tower proposals.
Here you go. A nice spread on Harrisburg's new tallest.
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Here is a scaled rendering of the new Harrisburg University tower, at 36-stories and a "conservative" estimate of 468 feet in height. Actual designs to be released in June.

333 Market, Harrisburg's current tallest building, stands at 22-stories and 340 feet.

New tower will be 17-floors, but city's third-tallest at 284'

Why does every Harrisburg project get scaled down to below 12 stories - and they are all boxy and look the same? The skyline looks no different than the 1980's really - and I just flew in a week ago and it's depressing. So much for growth and modern, tall buildings. Sad for a capital city. The new HU tower is embarrassing.
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