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HARRISBURG | Harrisburg University tower | 284 ft | 17 fl | U/C

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Harrisburg University of Science and Technology wants to build Harrisburg’s tallest building at 36-stories. Construction to begin in 2019.
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God for Harrisburg! Any word on the estimated height in feet?
From June 11:

Plans for 17-story, $135 million Harrisburg University tower project approved

Harrisburg University’s plan to construct a 17-story school building and hotel in downtown Harrisburg received unanimous approval from members of city council Tuesday evening.

But that was not before university officials were grilled about how they will contract construction of the $135 million project, specifically whether they have done enough to create employment opportunities for local individuals and companies.

“Short of almost walking along the street, we’ve tried to do everything to reach those who are interested,” said Diane Tokarsky, an attorney representing the university.

Earlier this year, university officials released drawings of the proposed building, showing a 17-story tower reaching skyward at the corner of Chestnut and South Third streets.

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1 - 12 of 24 Posts