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Hekou-Lao Cai intercity

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Along with Mong Cai/ Dong Xing and Huu Nghi/ Ping Xiang along the China-Vietnam border, Lao Cai is another thriving city in the Northern mountainious area. It border the Chinese city Hekou (Hà Khẩu) in the North. pics taken in Jan 2007.

Bitis Center in Lao Cai

The border:

Hekou street levels

The city is pretty clean.

Back to Lao Cai:

Happy viewing!! :cheers:
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Ảnh 1,2, 5 và cuối là Lào Cai đó :)
that playboy sign it a nickname for something or that's a playboy center in china?
có ảnh Lào Cai là may rồi đó chứ mấy ông muốn thằng nào lên cái nơi heo hút ấy rồi về mà chỉ chụp ảnh thui :D
I ve crossed the border from Lao Cai to Ha Khau. Gotta say, 2 very different city, with Ha Khau seems 2 be much more developed, although its still a shitty city anyway. One thing I remember, i saw a quite fancy monument of chinese soldiers died in the border war 1979 right next to the river dividing the 2 countries, while i couldnt find any thing that reminds of the war on our side although thousands and thousands of our men died there to protect our land and people.
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I should also post some pictured that i ve taken during Tet Holiday on Mongcai-Dongxing intercity, the strongest border gate of Vietnam (Volume Trade is 2.2Billion Dollar and the cash flow is 5.5 Billion Dollar (only behind SG and HN, while Lang son is aroun 1 Billion and Lao Cai is 400 million only).

By the way, Vietnamese government tried to build Lao Cai as Shenzhen of China but they failed already. Mong Cai is always number one border gate of Vietnam due to Dongxing is the closest border gate to GuangZhou(same cantonese city) (7 hour by bus and is the richest mainland city interm of GDP per Capita (10,000 USD) and 3rd or 2nd in term of total GDP)
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Does Mong Cai's GDP per capita really reach 20,000$ ?óng Cái
Móng Cái - Quảng Ninh mà thu nhập $20.000 hả dữ dội vậy ??? nhờ có than cũng giàu ghê ha , giống VT chỗ tui có dầu mỏ mà thay đổi cả :)
btw, ông nào có hình ở bất cứ nơi đâu thì up lên cho mọi người xem với cho mở mang kiến thức , ém 1 mình xem là ko tốt đấu đấy :bash:
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Does Mong Cai's GDP per capita really reach 20,000$ ?óng Cái
No, not that hight. Such GDP is only for Tran Phu ward where almost every family onwning the car and couple more houses in Mong Cai, Ha Long or Hanoi. Tran Phu is the center of Mong Cai with 5 big markets and the international border gate!

In the rest of Town, i think is about 3000-5000
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about 200km North-east of Ha Long ^^
thằng chinatown có cái hình avartar mới ấn tượng ghê , chắc đấy là hình dáng ngoài đời của nó he he :D
I've heard that Bac Ninh province is growing very fast recently , the town is planned very nice , the street is so clean and every house built here have a plan at all ... :) anybody have some pics of it ^_^[email protected]/?saved=1

Enjoy the fotos, these fotos were taken Jan 2007 and can some 1 please show me how to post fotos on here....directly onto the forum where if u open a page u can see the fotos...

Cheerz :banana:
Ozzie, someone in this forum had transfered all of their KungFu skills to me before, now I am going to transfer them to you OK.

First. upload the pictures in (you did that).
Second. use the right button on the mouse, click on the picture you want
to post.

Third. click on "properties" (you will see a link to the picture)
Fourth. hi-lite the link, press "ctrl" ,"C" buttons simultaneously (this will
copy the link)

Fifth. Go to the Post section of SSC where you want to post your picture
- Type then press"ctrl" ,"P" buttons simultaneouly (this will
paste the link here)
- Type then click the "Save" button (if the picture doesn't
show up correctly type [\IMG] instead of [/IMG] I don't remember
which one will work exactly).

Six. Click the "Save" button.
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