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Hello Greek Forumers :)

My name is Paul and I come from Poznan, western Poland. I would like to ask for your help. I have some text in English which I'd like to have in Greek as well.

Just 4 weeks ago together with other forumers from Poznan, I've started campaign "We want to fly from Poznan". We have a very nice airport, which stands unfortunately empty almost all the time. :( Thanks to complicate situation and structure of ownership in the company "Poznan-Lawica Airport" and the lazyness of our politicans we don't have may flight connections, although in the neighbourhood of the airport (100 km) you can find 4 million inhabitants!

That's why we've started this campaign, and off course we would like to have some flights to Greece from our city :)

Our web page is working now only in Polish:
but we would like to have it in 14 languages
Greek as well

If You could be able to translate this English text into Greek and send it to our e-mail: [email protected] I will be very gratefull

When You will come to Poznan, let us know, we will have :cheers:

thanks, :) greetings :)

We want to fly from Poznań!

Poznań is a beautiful and fascinating city, regarded as a gateway to Western Poland. Over 1100 years of vibrant history, multiethnic past, astonishing monuments, interesting people – all this influences the unusual atmosphere of the city, which witnessed the birth of polish statehood. Dynamically developing Poznań transforms into a modern European metropolis.

Unfortunately the city doesn’t have enough air connections. This situation breeds problems for all of us – the inhabitants of Poznań, and also our guests coming to the city from all over the world. We realize, that good transport availability is a basis of development of the economy, tourism and interpersonal contacts.

That’s why we are worried about the present state of development of Poznań Ławica International Airport. We think that local authorities (of the airport, city and region) don’t notice the demand for air connections from Poznań and they don’t care about it’s development. That must be changed.

Our campaign is an answer to the present situation prevailing at the Poznań airport. We must show to the decision-makers, that we want to fly from Poznań, and that we want to make it easier for our guests, from Europe and other countries of the world, to get here.

Join us! Support our campaign!

If You have ever been to Poznań, sign here:

>> I support the protest/campaign “We want to fly from Poznań”. I still have in my memory this beautiful city, the exciting moments, I experienced and kind people, I met here. I would like to visit this place more often. Let me fly to Poznań once again.

If You haven’t been to Poznań yet, sign here:

>> I support the campaign “We want to fly from Poznań”. I’ve heard about this city many interesting things. I would like to see it!. Let me fly to Poznań.

Your Name and Surname
Your E-mail
Your address

You can stay in touch with us or write to us, what do you think of the campaign:
[email protected]

Thank You for Your support!

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Hello :)

Last saturday we've been standing in the city centre and collecting petitions.
We've recived 1.454 new just in 4 hours :)

here are the photos:

let me present those who want to fly :)

Some German tourists supported us as well ;)

local radio broadcast ;)

Finally we went for a lunch :D somewhere in the Old Town:)


We still don't have Greek translation :(

Is there anybody who could help???

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hi! i will translate it for you!i will email it to you by tomorrow night(most probably though i will have it ready tonight)!have a nice afternoon!

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sk said:
hi! i will translate it for you!i will email it to you by tomorrow night(most probably though i will have it ready tonight)!have a nice afternoon!
Thank You!!!


Let me show the pics made by our colleague Subs, yesterday during the celebrations of 50th anniversary of the so called Poznan’s June 1956” – first anti-comunistic revolution which in Poland. There is a web page describing the whole story of 1956. There is a strong connection between this what has happened in Poznan in June 1956 and this what happened in Budapest in October 1956.

Please visit it to learn more – it is in English as well:

some decorations/artistic presentations on the streets of Poznan:

Some tram routes had to be changed for celebrations:

Decorated Opera House:

Guests have come ;)

An exibition outside the Emperor’s Castle – a tank and children:

The official part of celebrations took place on Adam Mickiewicz Square – in 1956 – Stalin Square, a place where 100.000 pepole come to protest in 1956:

5 presidents have participated in ceremony – Czech, German, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak:

The plaque comemorating the youngest person who has been killed in June ’56 – among more than 70 people – just 13 years old Romek Strzalkowski:


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hello :)

here are results (not final, cause the poll is going on) of inquiry on Polish pages of our campaign - 16 July 22.30 CET

Where we would like to fly from Poznan?

1. Rome
2. Athens
3. Paris
4. Barcelona
5. Amsterdam
6. Stockholm
7. Brussels
8. Milan
9. Oslo
10. Edinburgh
11. New York
12. Prague
13. Madrid
14. Helsinki
15. Krakow
16. Vienna
17. Lisbon
18. Frankfurt Hahn
19. Goteborg
20. Chicago

Total number of cities - 54

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You are doing a smashing job. Very good ambassadors of your country you are!

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^^ thank you :)

some new photos:)
of the Old Market Square

streets of the Old Town

and street going to the Parish Church

street close to St. Martin Church

and 2 photos from the Centre (19th century)
Library of the Raczynski Family

and nice tenement house

all photos made by Subs our forumer from Poznan :)

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Yesterday we've been standing for the last time on the streets of Poznan! Within 4 hours we've had 1.001 new petitions! Althogether we have more than 6.500!

We want to organise a public conference for media summiting first phase of campaign -cause we know that it will be still running! :) (meyby in a little bit different way).
Conference should take place somewhere about 15 September :)
I'll let you know!

We are also working on new photos and descriptions (in English) about Poznan and region of Wielkopolska (translation: Greater Poland, Grosspolen, Grande Polonia, Latin: Polonia Maior) on our web page

Check the photos!

Part of map with cities where we would like to fly!

meeting and talking with people

our female flyers ;)

There was some adverteisment of one private hospital going on :D

what a nurse! ;)


photos made by my colleague Mateq;

Beside we organise a contest!!!
People have to fill inquiry - a kind of poll "Where I would like to fly from Poznan" and propose a sentence which should advertise the idea of flying from the Poznan Airport!

The authors of the three best sentences will be awarded with double tickets on routes:
Poznan- Greece - Poznan (charter flight)
Poznan- Munich - Poznan
Poznan- Warsaw - Poznan


P.S. We still don't have a Greek version of
If someone could help :) write me a pm, thank you
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