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Sign the petition against the construction of the underground car park in the Garden of Príncipe Real in Lisbon

This project puts in danger the integrity and the safety of Patriarchal and its pipeline system, one part of the balance that is the Águas Livres Aqueduct, National Monument.
Not only the project does not respected the protection associated with the Reservoir Patriarchal of Príncipe Real, heritage listed as a National Monument, as well the security and stability of a set of centuries-old buildings bordering the square, because the changes associated with the construction of the park are irreversible and not predictable or estimable.

Also, the construction of this park seriously jeopardize the vegetation of a Historic Garden, where there are 7 copies classified as Public Interest, some of which are centuries old and enrolled in the Guiness. It will irreversibly interfere with the movement of water in soil, favoring drainage and reduction of the available water level of the surface layers of which depends on the vegetation;

There is also no automobile traffic impact study in an area already saturated with traffic and with all the disastrous consequences which this will have for the residents. Whereas, in the same way as the opening of the underground Park in Camões Square in little or nothing has benefited the residents of Chiado and Bairro Alto, also this park, to be built in nothing will benefit residents;

This project concerns the construction of 4 basements for parking, with a or two access ramps to the streets that access the Prince Royal, an elevator to the surface, the predictable slaughter/mutilation of several trees on the perimeter of the Garden (mainly in North and West tops) and the construction of this entire structure less than 1 meter of the galleries of the Águas Livres Aqueduct;
Considering the pollution and visual degradation to which the entire area will be subject for the required installation of the inlet and outlet mouths Park and its porticos, the undersigned, residents in the area of the Prince Royal, and other concerned citizens with the defense and preservation of historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the city of Lisbon, alarmed by the sudden and unsettling news of the takeover the project to build underground parking in the garden of the Prince Royal;

The construction of a simillar underground car park was plumbed in 2001 by the locals, by the former IPPAR (now IGESPAR) and several experts in heritage in the environment and, not least, mobility and traffic. The underground car park it earned, then, the negative opinion by the former IPPAR (now IGESPAR) as well as by town executive then.

We are doubly surprised, because nothing was said, publicly, or assumed by CML (City Hall), AML(Lisbon Metropolitan Association) and the Civil Parish Council in their own time, much less has been no public discussion on this issue. Which, given the intrusive nature of the project at various levels, its contrary to European best practices for governance and citizen participation, that the CML is said paladin.
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