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So i went for a walk in my neighbourhood and nearby areas. After i had walked for a while i headed for the city centre. I took these pics on the way.

In some pics are a bit blurry in the lower left corner because my lens was a little dirty and i didn´t notice it until it was too late so i´m sorry for that. Anyway, hope you enjoy. :cheers:

Nice suburban houses :)

A weird apartment block

I went to Vantaankoski (Rapids of Vantaa) where Helsinki originally was established in 1550. There are som nice English style industry buildings there which i like very much.

A nice waterfall

And the journey continues westwards...

The local pub.

A giant golfball. :)

The local mall.

The Pasila skyline.

Future towers for this area.

Look! There´s smoke coming out from that tree!

I´ll post more later....Thanks for your time :)
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