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Labourd (Lapurdi in Basque) is the coastal part of the French Basque Country. It's my childhood memories. The photos were taken in July 2007.

More classical sights than usual.

The Casino Mauresque in Hendaye : in front of us lie Guipúzcoa (Spain) and Fontarabie (Hondarribia in Basque) :

Les Deux Jumeaux : the "Two Twins" (sic)

Little streets made of Basque pavillions :

The Church in Hendaye-Plage :

Basque Art-Déco exuberance :

Hendaye-Ville and the Bay of Chingoudy :

Socoa is a very charming hamlet of Ciboure, known for its fort built by Vauban. My father used to teach the sons of Basque sailors in school.

La Rhune looks upon us :

The seawall in Socoa :

The bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz :

The following pics of St-Jean were taken in August 2006 :

Ciboure :

The Socoa Fort where I'll take the pics one year after :

St-Jean's seaside front :

The inner town :

The shores of the Nivelle with La Rhune in the background :

No pictures from Biarritz, instead some rare pics of the mouth of the great Gascon river, l'Adour (the weather went bad on that day of July):

Having a good meal on the right bank of the Adour river with Bayonne in front of you :

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Very nice pics :) the last time i traveled there was a very grey day long time ago :)

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very nice, I came off the motorway to drive through St Jean de Luz and a couple of other places on my trip down to Spain last month.

Although both sides of the border have the basque architecture (white buildings with the thin red, green or black beams), they are also different, the French side has more sprawling houses while the Spanish side is all apartments and density it seems.

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Good pics! The city is nice, but I prefer the Spanish basque country!
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