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Hero flies over Pittsburgh.

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Ok, so I didn't fly. You don't need to fly to get great birds-eye views around here.

Sprintime at ground level.

Some moron wants to strip mine the hill in the distance, cutting it down 150 feet in the process.


Damned branches.

Damned wires.

Lawrenceville and the 40th Street Bridge.



I'm higher than Richard Pryor!!!

Even Robert Downey Jr. can't get this high!
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some of those neighborhood clusters look like individule little hill towns
Toronto_boise said:
Where's the people?
The people will beat your ass if they catch you taking their picture.
Toronto_boise said:
Where's the people?

uhhh... you do realize you wouldn't be able to see any people in these pictures anyways... as the majority of them are long-distance shots of whole neighborhoods ... dumb question
Great pictures! Pittsburgh sure is one sweet ass city.
with the exception of the scrapers, it reminds me of Troy, NY from these angles. Lots of neighborhood character in those pics.
Troy has a better collection of even older buildings, (most of Pittsburgh's buildings from the mid 1800's were lost to urban renewal and the expansion of the central business district) but the layout of the two cities is indeed quite similar.
Man, those bring back good memories. It's only been about a month and I miss Pittsburgh already. I'll have to come again, next year! :) Thanks for the photos, herodotus!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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