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Hi Taiwan :)

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Hi Guys :)

I am a new friend from Eritrea, now in USA.

I am interested in making alot of friends from Taiwan. I want to talk people from both genders.

I had two friends from Taiwan when I was 16 in Malaysia. Actually one of them was the first girl I love :love:

Can I be your friend? :nocrook:​
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Hello, I am a Taiwanese (23, m) studying in San Jose, CA. Which part of USA r u at?
Warmly welcome to Taiwan Forum, Saifz

Wishing you enjoy and share every precious moments being with us in the nearly :cheers2:
Hi Chuangk.. I am in Texas, College Station.

Thank you Isan.
Can you help me find Music from Taiwan on the interent please?
please try but it's in traditional chinese and you need to pay about $30 US a year unlimited downloads, but i like it a lot cuz the downloads r fast
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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