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The Stena Explorer.

The last one of the 3 Stena Line HSS 1500 class Ferries in service. 50Kt speed and 40Kt under load, load being 1500 passengers AND almost 400 cars/vans.

The Stena Explorer and the Stena Vogager operated on the Irish Sea while the Stena Discovery was on the North Sea. The three of them fairly eat fuel...€30k a day worth of fuel .......each.

The Stena Voyager was scrapped and the Stena Discovery was sold to the Carribean where it has been laid up for years, unused.

This is a nice flyaround of the Explorer at its winter layover berth.

This the Voyager at her last resting spot in Sweden last year. :(

This is the Discovery, laid up in Curacao for years now.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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