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OK, as I promised to kokpit, this is a High Tatras-Vysoké Tatry thread, rocky cliff mountaines in the north of Slovakia.

A very specific small town called "High Tatras" consists of 15 separate settlements situated in a dense-forested area. The town is thanks to the dimensions of its area 398,16 km2 (including the inhospitable rocky Tatra mountains) the largest town in Slovakia. The biggest settlements Štrbské pleso, Old Smokovec and Tatranská Lomnica are at the same time the most visited by the tourists. The settlements are connected with each other by roads, most of them by rail-ways, too.

It is divided into Western and Eastern Tatras. The eastern part, consisting of two separate geo-morphological parts, is the most visited. The eastern part consists of the granite High Tatras (with a large number of tourist paths as well as traffic facilities) and the Belianske Tatras (not easily accessible for the tourists).

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