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Planners eye construction in booming Hillsboro

04:53 PM PDT on Monday, May 7, 2007


Hillsboro is Oregon's fifth largest city, for now. But, in years to come it's predicted the city will move up a notch. All of Washington Country is expected to double in population. It has planners thinking forward and looking skyward to create a true urban living experience.

Some 580 acres of prime real estate sit in just the right spot city leaders hope will become the centerpiece of a city with the city.

"We have very high employment, we have good income and we have very few property owners all of whom are capable of making it happen," said David Lelanda, consultant on the OHSU/Amberglen concept.

The mixed-use project of retail, office and housing will sit to the north next to the Streets of Tanasborne on NW Cornell Avenue. It will extend East to 185th avenue and West to 206th avenue and South to the max line.

"The conditions are right -- it really establishes a new paradigm in terms of urban development," said Leland.

It's expected the population of Washington County will double within the next 30 years, hitting 400, 000 people. That will creating a need for condos, townhouses and high density housing. Leland calls it classic city building. The focus of the planned community is several high rise buildings. They could be as high as twenty stories.

"They will live in higher density if they're getting something in return. So one of the elements here is to create about a forty acre park We're calling it central park," Leland said.

While the need for high rise living doesn't exist now, Hillsboro Mayor Tom Hughes believes, "There's going to be a demand, " in the future. " We know we've got seven to eight thousand jobs in the pipeline right now. Those jobs usually create two to three additional jobs, so you're looking at an additional 24 thousand jobs," he said.

Like other cities across the country planning for the future, Hillsboro is taking a page from Portland's Pearl district. A streetcar system will transport residents from home to work to shopping. I will also connect to the main Max line on Baseline Road.

Mayor Hughes says it all part of being patient during the planning. He wants potential developers to take their time to think the project through completely.

"We've probably been able to do the best urban planning of any jurisdiction in the region and that's beginning to pay fruit," he said.

But, it will take at least 15 to 20 years before the project is complete. And it will take some two billion dollars when it's all said and done. And it will take convincing developers it's a viable project. Consultant David Leland says this is such a pioneering project, developers want to be sure it is marketable.

It will take at least another two years of planning before any construction will begin.

BOOM AHAHAHAH and I live like uber close to this right herrr haha WHILE I HAD PLANS they just were a little diffrent :) ^^ ^^ ^^ F that 20 storys hahaha but of course it must be justified for uber height CROSS YO FINGAS!

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OH AND ALSO they better work harder then beavertons half ass the round WHO ARE THEY KIDDING hopefully it will turn a round lol! also the only reason I go there is for chuck e chesse killer wonderland!!!:banana: :banana:
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