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Music: The Crown, Station Street; Mothers, Erdington; Rum Runner; Kingshurst Youth Club where Leshurr started.
Sport: Wherever it was Lawn Tennis was invented, the MacGregor statue to acknowledge the founding of the Football League.
Literature: Tolkien/Sarehole Mill
Science/Industry: Soho works/Boulton’s house/Lunar Society, Longbridge/the Mini.
Protest: Newhall Hill, where the Birmingham Political Union protests led to the Great Reform Bill; Saltley Gate.
Travel: Gravelly Hill Interchange.
Art: Edward Burne-Jones’ windows in St Phillip’s Cathedral; The Old Rep, Station Street, Home of the world’s first repertory theatre company; The Electric, Station Street, the UK’s oldest working cinema.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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