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Historic pre WW2 Building styles planned

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Hi guys, I have a real interest in pre ww2 building styles in New York, I know its probably a long shot but we are seeing so so many glass & steel structures being built in New York as of late.. any plans for buildings that are more to the tune of traditional styles?
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Thats a really cool planned project, i cant believe theres a building like this planned! hope it eventually goes ahead..any more information on it? I cant find it in the proposed towers section..
^^ I would want to live there
nice styles. solid and classy. Love it!
Love that last one. Not too showy, so it looks elegant. Also that planned skyscraper looks great.
Just giving this thread a bump, any news on the tall planned church st development?
It is under construction, about 1-2 floors above ground.
From Christmas day:

Untitled by 600West218, on Flickr
I cant seem to find a thread dedicated to it in the skyscraper forums :/
YES!!!!! ^^
I think that its a really good way to develop cities we should be encourage this type of housing all over nyc
That's beautiful...I saw that a Bonsai tree company has been so successful that they are moving into smaller premises...
New classical style Robert A. M. Stern highrise projects for New York in 2014:

15 Central Park West, 30 Park Place, 220 Central Park South, 520 Park Avenue


Imho, Stern should even go farther, add modern ornamentation, sculptures and feel free to innovate organically (compare to GE Building). My guess is investors are the ones who interfere once it might look too classical or Art Nouveauesque innovative.

1994 Fell Hall Highrise at Brooklyn Law School, NYC by Stern Architects:

Neither a luxury condo or hotel tower, but a school.
There's loads of educational buildings in New Classical Architecture in the US, also many churches, public buildings, private residences and midclass condo towers.

Btw, Stern was the 2011 laureate of the Driehaus Architecture Prize. Read more about it here.
The award comes with a prize money of $200,000 - twice that of the famed modernist Pritzker Prize.

I also added Stern at this new thread: NYC Architects - Those who built New York City and its Image
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Also more good news for neo-traditionalists- Peter Pennoyer is designing a condo on 151 East 78th Street that will be 16 stories with 14 residences.
This is new.
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I like this one in Manhattan's Upper East Side, some American architects really are still fluent in classical architecture language:

1110 Park Avenue, NYC

Simple, well proportioned, elegant, beautiful. Timeless.
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