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I recently purchased a 1939* Gregory's Sydney Street Directory and thought that instead of just enjoying it myself, that I would upload the whole directory online in high-resolution (600 DPI) so others can use it as a reference also. It can be found at the link here.

I had also previously posted the 1934 1st edition street directory, but the scans aren't as good in quality, with many of the pages going deep into the gutter. The 1934 version can be found here.

Anything pre-1955 in terms of Australian maps is out of copyright and my goal is to put up all of the pre-1955 Sydney Gregory's. If anyone else has scans or a physical copy they can lend/sell/donate to me, I'll put them up also.

* I think it's 1939. There's no actual date or edition number on the street directory; my guess is based on it having the Cronulla railway line (which opened in 1939) and having Beverly Hills still named as Dumbleton (renamed in 1940).
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