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HK trades around the clock, around the world

Hong Kong is able to carry out trading activities around the clock and around the world as a partner halfway between London and New York, Secretary for Financial Services & the Treasury Prof KC Chan says.

Addressing the "Globalisation through Hong Kong's Capital Markets" summit in the San Francisco Bay area on May 15, Prof Chan said the city's role is more than just a facilitator of outward investment for China. It is also an efficient platform for inward investment of foreign funds in China.

"We are a two-level bridge between China, the world's fastest growing mega-economy and the international market. As an international financial centre, Hong Kong is running on parallel tracks - both national and international," he said.

Prof Chan said the city can efficiently help American issuers raise capital by tapping the massive savings on China with its deep Mainland market penetration, financial-services expertise and octopus-like contacts in the Chinese and global markets.

Reiterating Hong Kong's policy to attract world-quality enterprises to list here, Prof Chan stressed the city will make its listing platform as attractive and competitive as possible and will maintain a delicate balance between market regulation and market facilitation.

Prof Chan also visited Stanford University and urged graduates to come and explore the enormous opportunities in the city. He will return to Hong Kong tomorrow.
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