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hkskyline's 2008 - KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN #4

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Kaohsiung is quite a gritty city, with many old buildings that look very aged, yet not that many tall buildings. Don't expect many skyscraper canyons at all.

There were far less motorbikes and mopeds on the streets than my previous visit to Taiwan in 2003.

Although I said there weren't as many of these as before, they continue to be parked right on the sidewalk, and sometimes drivers weave their way through pedestrian traffic to get to the street.

This is actually an entrance to a subway station. At the time of my visit, it was not yet open, although they did try some trial runs. Now the line should be running. Kaohsiung really needs the subway system. I find it a bit tough to get around the city right from the onset upon leaving the high speed train.

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