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1. I begin Part 2 of my Madrid series with a tour of the architectural highlights in the historic centre. Let's start off with an ornate door.

3. Beyond these walls lie a wilderness in the heart of the city.

5. The sight of something like this no longer strikes me as much ... having been to a number of European cities.

7. The palace's design seems quite simplistic.

8. I wonder how did Madrid preserve this huge forest through all these years of development and expansion? It seemed a bit odd it turns green like that just after these buildings,and a vibrant city lies on the other side of the divide.

15. March along the corridors and feel like royalty.

17. I'd get quite a lot of content for a statues and monuments of Madrid thread.

22. This looks like a castle adopted for the city.

24. This looks like a fairy tale castle wrongly-placed in the city.

28. Notice the distinct border between urban and wilderness.

30. Not too sure how this seemingly ancient monument made it here. Doesn't appear to be a replica.

38. I ventured back to Almudena Cathedral for the observation area. It better be good!

45. It wasn't too high up, but high enough to peer over other people's rooftops. Not too many skyscrapers to block the harmony.

49. Yikes ...

59. The other side looked far more promising. Did it slope down a lot all of a sudden?

Part 1 :

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^^ True, it gets covered with smog when it doesn't rain or gets windy for a couple of weeks or so.

That aegyptian temple is real, it's called Temple of Debod. It's a present from Egypt when some Spanish archeologists helped saving Abu Simbel when the Asuan Dam was built, back in the 60's. It hosts a little exposition room in the main building.

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One of the best threads i've seen of this great city . I like how you get to see beyond the horizon and capture many typical Madrid apartments instead of the same old tourist images . Magnificent thread indeed .
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