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1. I now try to figure out my bearings and decide where to go next. I decided to head that way!

2. ... since I came from that way!

3. But before I go, a few more shots from the observation deck.

10. I'm now back on the ground and on the way to Plaza Mayor. I expected a huge tourist trap.

12. Calle Mayor has some interesting buildings on both sides lined up.

18. A redundancy to reduce the margin of error.

24. These signs bring some warmness to the city. It's not just a cold sterile placard saying a few words anymore.

32. Plaza Mayor is not on Calle Mayor actually. I had to turn into a side street to find the gate into this huge square.

33. The buildings look very nice, and the square is huge. I like the restaurants fronting right on it so there is a relaxing place for people to eat and stare at the foot traffic.

39. Although a few extra benches would have been better.

42. Madrid's tourist traps don't charge an arm and a leg either.

45. I was a bit hungry, but wanted to walk a bit further, so I headed out and walked towards Sol. A few more interesting buildings lined the streets.

More in the next part!

Part 1 :
Part 2 :
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