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1. Beautiful architectural details abound - all very well-kept.

7. I had a decent lunch, and had to walk off the excess weight with more sightseeing by foot for the afternoon! With such beautiful weather, I just can't resist!

8. Although I lived in the US for a time, my Spanish is absolutely disastrous. Sometimes I got creative when English didn't work. There was even one time I had to resort to using French.

11. Madrid's streets were generally clean. I've seen far worse in France and I thought Spain was generally quite good.

12. Madrid's architecture was very different from Barcelona. It's grand, and beautiful, but not as creative as the Gaudi stuff. But nevertheless, the variety and large numbers of nice buildings lining the streets made very pretty sights.

23. I was walking back towards Plaza Mayor, but through different streets to see more off the typical tourist beat.

24. Afternoon tea, anyone?

25. I did a very ambitious walk south towards Puerta de Toledo. Now looking back, I somewhat regretted doing this long detour, as it tired me out and there wasn't too much to see en route. But then, I fitted everything into my tight schedule somehow, so I guess it didn't do me harm to explore this part of town.

31. Lovely mural and cozy square with restaurants. A great urban space doesn't need to be so monumental and grand.

37. Although I knew exactly where I was going, I seemed abit lost amidst all these buildings. There weren't many items featured in my guidebook so it seemed really off the typical tourist beat.

42. As the afternoon sun reached the streets, the photos turned out the best with the perfect lighting.

More from my walk in the next part and the ultimate prize!

Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :
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