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1. My visit to Beijing in the winter cold was quite fruitful, as I saw a lot of new and interesting things from the Olympic Games. Let's start with the new subway line.

6. It's a short ride to the Olympic site, but getting to this subway line takes a few changes from the city centre.

7. Start saying WOW!

10. Now I start my snapshot spree of the Bird's Nest.

15. It's a hefty price to get in. In fact, it's more costly than the Forbidden City, which is a bit of an atrocity given this is only one building. But there was no shortage of visitors. The Olympic factor is still strong and drawing the crowds. I will post the interiors in the next part of my Beijing series.

19. Beijing also has a lot of old buildings. The hutongs are interesting to explore, but the reality is, many of these homes lack even the most basic necessities. Renovating them and adapting them for modern use is not always possible. Some may be worth preserving, but I think the vast majority simply cannot be upgraded for today's expectations.

31. There are a couple of historic sights that offer a view. The Bell and Drum Towers were on my to-visit list last time (in 2007), but I never got a chance to climb them until this visit.

40. Unfortunately, there was a bit of smog as well.

Stay tuned for more parts. I've started posting my 2009 trip photo set on my website :

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Nice trip album with text descriptions.

I agree that while we need to preserve the historical sites of Beijing, the majorities of Hutong should be demolished for better housing projects.

Expecting more pics...
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