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Part 1 :

1. The exterior is surely impressive. Now it's time to make best use of my expensive admission ticket and venture inside the National Stadium.

3. The interior looks like a typical stadium. It's big, but nothing too special to the eye.

10. Luckily, despite the crowds, the huge space meant people were spread around, so there weren't many roadblocks along the way as I snapped pictures relentlessly.

15. The press gallery

19. Take a seat and feel the Olympic spirit.

20. Let's change gears and head back into the city. Qianmen used to be a major market street in Old Beijing. When I first came by this area in 2007, all the buildings were boarded up and there was a lot of traffic along the actual street. I was quite surprised the boards had renderings of what the future would look like, and it was impressive they had these boards all along both sides of the street for as far as the eye can see. Well, it's now done, although still awaiting tenants to move in, and it's quite impressive.

21. They even reproduced the old tram, although a bit clunky like an ironclad on rails.


25. There were a lot of people strolling along this newly-pedestrianized street. But most of these buildings are actually empty. Not many people have moved in. So a lot of lookers than shoppers and diners.

34. Remember, they rebuilt this street. All these are new buildings in the old style. Back in imperial times, commoners could not use the bright red colours on their buildings. Those were reserved for the royal clan.

40. 2 years ago this was a boarded-up street.

46. Towards the end of the street, the crowds got thinner. It was a cold day, and I couldn't believe I lasted so long out there. But then, I haven't endured the -30C Canadian winters for a few years, so now my ability to withstand real cold has decreased.

The Whole Set :

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Wow, Qianmen really surprised me!

I never thought I'd see a place like this in Beijing. I just love the pedestrian streets and the human scale of the streets.

By the way, the pics are amazing.
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