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45. I also ventured around the financial district to look for changes ...

47. As usual, this place is absolutely deserted on the weekend except a few boarders.

50. I was browsing One King West's website and noticed the prices are quite cheap for a downtown location. The lowest rate available was only $149/night.

53. This is one of the biggest changes in the downtown core. Bay Adelaide Centre was an abandoned site with an ugly elevator core for many many years as Toronto wondered if it will ever need a new commercial skyscraper in the city centre again. Now it's almost done ... I think the delay is well over a decade isn't it?

56. Meanwhile, another skyscraper tries to edge in nearby.

59. Now this is a treat - the Fishbowl buses are still running.

63. I remember one winter day, I passed by this intersection to get to my lunch engagement and the temperature was -19C.

67. I used to hold a few Canadian bank accounts. However, Canada's banks are not so international, so in the end the number wiggled down to a bare minimum to keep some spare change in case I'm in town. Today, HSBC and Citibank are my preferred choices.

73. Baking in the sun on a cool spring day.

80. So they still haven't gotten the uniform newspaper boxes out everywhere?

92. Toronto's version of the Flatiron building.

93. Where are we off to next?

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