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I'm a regular visitor to Taipei and by now, I'm a bit tired of the typical tourist sites. So on this trip, I tried to venture out to seek exotic new places that may be of interest to locals rather than the average foreign visitor.

Located one stop away from Taipei main station on the high-speed railway line, the Taipei County Government Building in Banqiao has a free observation deck with a surprisingly good view. This location was mentioned in my guidebook which I had purchased on a prior visit to Taipei.

A lot of government departments are located in here.

The deck was surprisingly quiet, with barely any tourists around.

The view was spectacular on a clear day. This is the old city centre, with the Shin Kong Building being the centre

In this wider shot, you can see the new city centre in Xinyi, with Taipei 101.

Banqiao is located southwest of Taipei centre. The location was good enough not to be blocked by the rolling hills that surround the city, yet you can still see the river that flows out to Danshui and the ocean.

101 looks great as always!

This place is only 8 minutes from Taipei main station.

What the pictures didn't show was the absolutely insane heat outside. Taipei's summer temperatures soar to very uncomfortable levels. I endured a week of 38C temperatures. Even late at night, it's still 30C.

Songshan Airport is the dingy old domestic airport in the heart of Taipei. Now it serves flights to mainland China and I believe soon there will be connections to Korea and Japan. The old terminal still looks very retro though.

So now travellers have another new option. From here, it is a very short ride into Xinyi district.

Inside, the counters and layout remind me of Kai Tak in Hong Kong. Typical 60s and 70s architecture - but it's clean and bright nevertheless.

The timetable board has not yet gone electronic.

There was even a paper waiting list!

Flying within Taiwan itself is not as popular now that there is a high-speed rail link to Kaohsiung.

However, there is also a new T2.

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Does anyone happen to know if the observation deck at the New Taipei City Administration Building also open on weekends? It doesn't make sense not to but I'm going to Taipei in a few days and would like to be sure before making a trip there. Thanks :)
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