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hkskyline's 2010 TOKYO Photo Collection #4

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Shibuya is the place to be to witness the crowds. Here's the famous junction. It wasn't that crowded!

I thought Times Square had more advertisements.

I needed a pit stop, and visited a small, quaint ramen place. It took a while to figure out which button to press on the vending machine to buy my meal. Then handing over the receipt to the attendant was the easy part.

However, these side streets are full of advertising.

Storing the fruits of a shopping trip.

Japan is the land of plastic food. Take your pick!

Meanwhile, back on the street, there were plenty of designer stores with unique designs.

Some streetscapes were also nicely decorated with small bits of vegetation.

Not convinced that was what Shibuya's crowded experience had to offer, I ventured back for a night-time view.

It seemed busy, but orderly Japanese busy.

What is a red double decker doing here?

I had to venture a bit higher for as much of an aerial shot I could get.

It's time to get more serenity. Yoyogi Park is located between Shibuya and Harajuku. There were lots of cherry blossom trees!

I arrived in Tokyo during the blossom peak ... very lucky.

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interesting photos.
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