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While not as flashy as Dubai, Abu Dhabi has, in recent years, tried to diversify away from oil and into tourism. But much of it is still under construction outside the downtown core, and getting around remains difficult unless you like to ride taxis all day.

1. Abu Dhabi's city centre is laid out in a grid format, and the street names are now numbered.

2. Central Market is under construction.

10. Although this is a dry part of the world, palm trees and grass can effectively survive.

19. It was only mid-morning but the sun was already making it clear a hot day would come.

25. Looks like a lot of skyscrapers are under construction.

28. Are stormwater sewers even needed?

32. Parkland and greenery increased as I walked towards the Corniche.

33. Abu Dhabi borders the Persian Gulf, and a nice Corniche lines the long waterfront. The waters were pristine and it looked like a resort in the tropics than a big city's harbourfront.

35. I was quite surprised at how clear the water was. I thought I had arrived in Thailand.

37. They're hard at work trying to make the waterfront even more accessible and enjoyable.

40. I wasn't going to survive a long walk along the Corniche, so I hailed a taxi to get to my next stop. Just offshore from the Corniche is Breakwater, an area of reclaimed land linked by a causeway to the city. Marina Mall was my late lunch stop.

41. Want to try out the gold vending machine?

43. Even the parking lot had lovely views. Etihad Towers is a five-tower complex whose construction started in 2006. Designed by Australian architects DBI Design, it includes residences, offices, and a hotel.

45. The UAE doesn't have a shortage of rich people, so I expected to come across a yacht parking lot. The skyline view was a bonus though.

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Nice shots! Abu Dhabi's skyline has really improved! AD looks more relaxed then Dubai, a bit like San Diego compared to LA.
I noticed the advertizement with the Volvo logo :)
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