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hkskyline's 2013 in BEPPU

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Beppu is famous for its "hells". These are natural hot springs that portray images of hell. A package ticket is available to enter all 8 sights for 2000 yen.

Umi-Jigoku is a 200m-deep cobalt-blue pond of boiling water created 1200 years ago due to a volcanic eruption. Even these flowers seem to survive in these hot waters.

Boiling mud is a special feature at the Oniishibozu-Jigoku.

Yama-Jigoku was named after a mountain of mud formed over the years.

Demons roam around the Kamado-Jigoku.

Visitors can try the hot spring mineral water, but it is quite hot so let it cool first!

Shiraike-Jigoku's special feature is its creamy-white water. A Japanese garden has been built around this pond. As it was already near closing, the crowds thinned out and I had a piece of serenity all to myself.

Eggs boiled from hot spring water are quite popular in Beppu. They didn't taste too different from regular boiled eggs but it was a nice snack after a lot of sightseeing.

Steam rises from a lot of places throughout this part of town. It was a cool day, so walking near one of these vents is a refreshingly warm experience.

My full gallery :
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