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hkskyline's 2017 in Abu Dhabi

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I originally wanted to stay one night in Abu Dhabi on the way to Europe for a more comfortable long journey, but ended up staying 2 more due to flight issues. Taking it with stride, I made my way into the city for a look at the changes since my last visit.

Load up your smart card, and wait for the airport bus to turn up. I wasn't sure what 40C would feel like, which is the daytime high expected on this sunny day.

Unlike Dubai, Abu Dhabi's airport is quite far from the city. The bus was well air-conditioned and I emerged at the city check-in terminal after about an hour.

Change is in the air ...

I then transferred to another bus to reach the Etihad Towers, which were under construction on my last visit and now have opened an observation deck. However, the 10-minute walk from the bus stop was already a scorcher.

Who in their right mind would bike during their long summers?

Admission is a hefty 85 dirhams but you get 50 back for a meal or drink at the observation deck. While the space was large, not crowded, and has plenty of comfortable chairs, I was surprised the windows were so dirty. I suppose the sandy climate is the culprit.

This 5-star resort hotel in the heart of the city is bound to make your wallet a lot lighter or max out one of your credit cards.

There wasn't much in terms of food options up here. To make the best of my 50 dirhams, I opted for a salad.

A bit disappointed with the dirty windows, I headed to the convention centre for an open-air bar to watch the sunset. No dirty windows would get in the way of my view of Capital Gate, a very unique slanted building that is a hotel.

More photos on my website :

My 2012 trip photos : part 1 | part 2 | part 3
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